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    Something In My Mind For The Last Month Of 2017

    They are a splendid line of luxury teas manufactured in the US. For 3 generations these guys have been producing fine bagged and loose leaf tea. The fine flavors are made from pure ingredients sourced from around the world.

    The family business sells its tea online as well as in luxury shops, coffee shops and retailers around the world! Some of their best selling teas include: Chamomile, Early Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Organic Peppermint and Pomegranate Oolong. Check out the full line of Harney & Sons products at https://www.harney.com/.

    ColorProof Shiny & Bright SuperRich Holiday Kit ($68.00, ColorProof.com)

    Designed for fine to medium color treated hair in need of hydration, our moisture system features a proprietary blend and certified botanicals to infuse lightweight, luxurious moisture, strength and unsurpassed color protection. Hair is left nourished and vibrant with incredible shine.

    Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream ($82, Murad.com)

    Joining the powerhouse Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, the new Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream features Murad’s breakthrough Retinol Tri-Active Technology. This fast-acting retinoid  formula accelerates results by boosting cellular turnover while time-released retinol delivers sustained benefits, and a retinol booster acts like a magnet to help enhance skin’s receptivity to retinol’s benefits. These technologies work together to gently minimize lines and deep wrinkles, firm, even skin tone and boost radiance for more vibrant, youthful skin. This retinol cream is different from others on the market because its Tri-Active Technology includes three types of retinols to give you quicker results while being extremely gentle on the skin.

    Melissa Classic Boot ($165, shopmelissa.com)

    Less than desirable weather has us reaching for waterproof styles, Melissa lets us do so in style. As is true with all Melissa styles these shoes are 100% plastic making them fully vegan, waterproof and recyclable. These Melissa styles are now available in-stores at Melissa Galerias worldwide and online at shopmelissa.com

    Melissa Classic Boot Squared toe and robust heels. The bicolor sole and a glossy finishing featuring a easy velcro closing. Available in black, bronze and off white. Retail: $165.00 Link to Buy: http://shopmelissa.com/flygrl/melissa-classic-boot#272=557

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    GET THE LOOK for your holiday parties: Julia Louis-Dreyfus by David Gardner for ColorProof

    Last month at the 73rd Annual Golden Globes- award nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus dazzled the red carpet with her gorgeous “Model Off Duty” inspired hair by celebrity stylist David Gardner and ColorProof—the only professional, luxury hair care line designed exclusively for color treated hair. See below for David’s inspiration, step by step tips and information on the products used to create Julia’s Golden Globe look.

    The Look: “Model Off Duty”

    The Inspiration: “How a model looks in the street, effortless and gorgeous, usually as they were shooting the day before, we love day after hair.”- David Gardner

    The Step By Step: Julia Louis Dreyfus

     ONE: Start off with a clean canvas by using a shampoo specific to your hair type. For Julia, I used the ColorProof Crazy Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo. Apply to the root area, massage gently and then let the water simply rinse it away with minimal rubbing. Those with an oily scalp should skip the massage altogether as it can stimulate the oil glands and weigh down your look. Julia, like most women, has different types of waves- some curlier, some straighter. This product will even out the texture beautifully and calm any fly-a-ways in advance.

    TWO: Next, I added a little ColorProof Crazy Smooth Anti-Frizz Conditioner to the mid lengths and ends. If you have a full head of bleach, by all means condition all over.  Julia has very healthy hair, only one process, so only using conditioner where it’s necessary will help maintain the volume we want to achieve.

    THREE: Next, towel dry gently and apply an egg sized amount of the ColorProof LifIt Color Protect Foam Mousse. Use a wide tooth comb to apply evenly throughout, and add more where you want the most volume. I gave Julia a little extra on top, not so much on the sides.

    FOUR: Styling soaking wet hair is not only damaging, but a total waste of time. You should gently blow the hair on low until it’s damp and cold. Styling should only happen when your hair is taken from damp, to bone dry.

    FIVE: Once the hair is almost dry, lay out a medium round brush, a few Velcro rollers, ColorProof TextureCharge Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray and blow dryer on a non-slip towel. Take the whole front section of the hair (about 2 inches from the front) straight back, and lightly brush through with the round brush. Spray the TextureCharge spray all the way from root to ends and then wrap that section around the brush, getting good tension at the roots up and away from the scalp. Hold tight and pick up the dryer and slowly blow the rolled section on low warm heat. When it gets hot, put the dryer down and brush out. You may need to roll and unroll a few times, but remember, this will stay all night long. It’s worth it and you’ll get quicker and quicker.

    SIX: Once the hair is dry and hot, go back through the hair by taking 1 inch sections with a 1 inch curling iron. For Julia’s corkscrew look, leave the end of the hair out for a youthful looking bend to the shaft.  During this part you should also leave in two Velcro rollers on top to really set the volume.

    SEVEN: The final step is to set your hair with a mist of ColorProof HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray (as we all know, LA humidity can wreak havoc on the hair!). Once the hair has cooled, take out the rollers and use the comb to loosen as desired. Natural touch ability + hold is the goal for this look. This David Gardner setting method will have you bouncing all night.

    The Products:

    CrazySmooth® Anti-Frizz Shampoo ($39)

    Where to buy: Sold exclusively in salons and spas nationwide

    Prepare yourself to be amazed. Breakthrough smoothing, de-frizzing technology, featuring a proprietary blend of exclusive oils including Camellia Oil from Japan and Abyssinian Oil from Africa, with seaweed and shea butter, instantly eliminates unruly frizz and infuses hair with extreme smoothness, shine and super healthy condition without weighing hair down. This 100% vegan formula gently cleanses, rinsing clean for long lasting, brilliant color without the use of harsh sulfates, salts or gluten.

    • Moisturizes and detangles while cleansing
    • Eliminates frizz while infusing unsurpassed smoothness, softness and shine into hair
    • Unsurpassed color and heat protection
    • Perfect for daily use

    CrazySmooth® Anti-Frizz Condition ($39)

    Where to buy: Sold exclusively in salons and spas nationwide

    Experience vibrant, glossy, smooth-as-silk results while nourishing and detangling. Next generation smoothing technology featuring a proprietary blend of exclusive oils including Camellia Oil from Japan and Abyssinian Oil from Africa, with seaweed and shea butter, instantly softens, smoothes and defrizzes hair while returning it to its healthiest condition ever. This 100% vegan formula nourishes, tames and defies with color and heat protection without the use of sulfates, salts or gluten. Drive your hair crazy smooth.

    • Eliminates frizz while infusing unsurpassed smoothness, softness and shine into hair
    • Nourishes and replenishes dry hair
    • Restores luster and vitality
    • Detangles and leaves hair smooth as silk
    • Unsurpassed color and heat protection
    • Perfect for daily use

    LiftIt® Color Protect Foam Mousse ($26)

    Where to buy: Sold exclusively in salons and spas nationwide

    This weightless, whipped volumizing mousse with revolutionary resin technology and Pro Vitamin B5 Panthenol infuses clean lift, lasting body and dazzling shine to hair while the Advanced ColorLast Systemtm provides unsurpassed color and heat protection. Who says you can’t have it all!

    • Weightless, whipped formula for easy application and a no-product feel
    • Provides clean lift with all-day body and shine
    • Pumps in fullness with amazing sheen
    • Never sticky or tacky
    • Unsurpassed color and heat protection

    TextureChargetm Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray ($32)

    Where to buy: Sold exclusively in salons and spas nationwide

    Bedhead, bombshell or beachy? Take charge of your texture. Get instant, weightless, cool girl texture on freshly washed or second day hair. This super-clean-feeling formula absorbs excess oil while creating a charge that repels fibers away from one another infusing buildable texture, instant volume and subtle definition. Delivers maximum color and heat protection, plus it’s revivable. Spray more for effortlessly recharged, sexy, tousled, texture day 2, 3, or 4!

    • Proprietary blend of polymers, starch and silica absorb excess oils while creating a charge repelling fibers away from one another to build texture and volume
    • Organic ginseng, white nettle and psyllium seed naturally thicken and boost body
    • Hawaiian kukui nut oil, rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes and revitalizes
    • Revives second day style and provides sultry, undone texture
    • Delivers unsurpassed color and heat protection

    HumidityRx® Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray ($29)

    Where to buy: Sold exclusively in salons and spas nationwide

    Never fall flat or frizz up again. Weatherproof your hair. This weightless frizz-fighting, fine mist spray repels moisture and locks out humidity while maintaining your style all day long even in the most humid climates. Revolutionary water repelling polymers envelop hair for the ultimate in frizz control. Advanced ColorLast Systemtm provides unsurpassed color and heat protection. Weather or not, brave the elements with confidence.

    • Keeps hair from drooping and falling while eliminating frizz
    • Invisible, weightless, fine mist spray repels moisture and locks out humidity
    • Provides an ultra-dry finish with zero hold
    • Your final step for before walking out the door for unsurpassed style and color protection

    Here, I also have some holiday gift kits recommendations! For your loved one or for yourself.

    ColorProof Shiny & Bright SuperRich Holiday Kit ($68.00, ColorProof.com)

    Designed for fine to medium color treated hair in need of hydration, our moisture system features a proprietary blend and certified botanicals to infuse lightweight, luxurious moisture, strength and unsurpassed color protection. Hair is left nourished and vibrant with incredible shine.

    ColorProof Shiny & Bright SuperPlump Holiday Kit ($68.00, ColorProof.com)

    Designed for color treated hair in need of body and fullness, our proprietary blend of revolutionary volumizing polymers and Pro Vitamin B5 Panthenol deliver optimum fullness and weightless body — boosts volume while prolonging color life. 

    ColorProof Shiny & Bright CrazySmooth Holiday Kit ($78.00, ColorProof.com)

    Our revolutionary CrazySmooth® system features our proprietary blend of rare essential oils including Camellia and Abyssinian, as well as seaweed and shea butter, to instantly eliminate unruly frizz, repair and infuse with extreme smoothness, shine and super healthy youthful condition.

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    Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

    Last Friday, April 22nd people all around the world were celebrating Earth Day and supporting environmental protection.Scan 192

    Not quite sure how to contribute for that? There doesn’t have to be a drastic change in your routine – a little effort goes a long way. Do your part and clean your conscience (and hair & skin!) with eco-friendly, cruelty-free, recyclable and vegan beauty brands Nature’s Gate, Tata Harper, PHYTO, Jurlique and ColorProof. You’ll look good – and feel even better!


    Nourish on a deeper level with the NEW Nature’s Gate Coconut Body Wash. Formulated with Coconut Water, skin is deeply hydrated and touch-ably soft! (SRP: $8.59/Wholefoods, Sprouts)


    The NEW Coconut Body Lotion is made with coconut water and contains a gentle blend of Dragon Fruit, Passionflower and Banana to moisturize skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. (SRP: $8.49/Wholefoods, Sprouts)


    NEW! Tata Harper Purifying Mask ($65, 1 fl. Oz, or 30ml. at TataHarperSkincare.com):Fight visible aging effects caused by environmental exposure and pollution, while flushing away impurities from the surface of the skin with this probiotic-powered deep cleansing mask that protects from harmful environmental aggressors, without stripping or affecting the skin’s natural balance. Containing 23 high-performance ingredients, including yogurt probiotics, broccoli extract, brown algae, prickly pear seed oil, sandalwood seed oil, white clay, Turmeric, Fennel, Ginger, Clove and Silver Fir essential oils, this powerful product supports the natural detox process, while helping energizing the skin for a firm, lifted and more youthful appearance. Suitable for all skin types.


    Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence Illuminating & Tone Correcting Booster ($125, 3.4 fl. oz. at TataHarperSkincare.com): This high-potency, lightweight brightening essence delivers an instantly refined, radiant look and dramatic, long-term lightening effects. A delicate infusion of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy technology tones the complexion, minimizes pores and visibly fades the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation for a more even, luminous glow. This silky formula enhances the performance of all serums. 16 high performance ingredients.


    PHYTO Huile Supreme ($40 at Sephora):This rich, beautifying treatment oil that instantly absorbs into the hair while delivering deep down nutrition. The versatile formula can be used prior to blowdrying or as a finishing touch to discipline thick and rebellious hair. Just a few drops creates perfectly defined curls, reduces excess volume, and provides instant nutrition and long-term repair. It delivers anti frizz protection, volume control, manageability, and curl definition, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and soft.


    PHYTO Phytopolleine ($40 at Sephora):A universal scalp treatment that fortifies hair, balances and clarifies troubled, flaky scalps, and improves the efficacy of hair loss treatments (such as Phytocyane). Energizing and fortifying, it harnesses the natural powers of rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus, and lemon to instantly purify the scalp and support natural microcirculation. It is recommended for those suffering from an unbalanced scalp whether it is dry, oily, itchy, or irritated. A fortifying boost for sensitive, weak, and anemic hair, it serves as an ideal preparation for thinning hair treatments such as Phytocyane.


    Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist ($24 at Jurlique.com)

    A daily hydrating mist featuring the relaxing scent of rose that restores, tones, and hydrates the complexion in one simple spritz. With its rich infusion of rose and marshmallow living energy, this formula provides the skin with balancing, moisturizing refreshment. Ideal for normal/combination skin types.


    Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($56 at Jurlique.com): This youth defense concentrate serum features a proprietary active complex: Naturadiance PB18+ to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, help increase elasticity, restore radiance and increase hydration, while antioxidants create a natural defense shield to help protect against environmental aggressors. Leaves skin visibly glowing, hydrated and younger-looking.


    Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream ($46 at Jurlique.com):This high performance soothing cream features our proprietary Comfort Complex including Calendula, to help comfort sensitivity, while essential fatty acids provide optimum hydration and skin barrier protection benefits with antioxidants to help protect against environmental aggressors. Skin feels restored, comforted and hydrated. unnamed-9

    ColorProof Evolved Color Care Baobab Heal & Repair Collection: The most powerful and life-giving nutrition on the planet is inside this bottle – the Baobab super fruit from Africa’s “Tree of Life”. Used for centuries to restore life in the harshest conditions, its exquisite curative and hydrating properties fuel our ultra-luxurious Baobab Power Complex, along with revolutionary proteins, new nano technology and rare essential oils to fortify and smooth while radically repairing damage and delivering astonishing health. Hair is reborn, revitalized and full of new life with maximum color and heat protection.

    • 510% Greater damage recovery
    • 350% Greater smoothness and frizz control
    • 375% Greater strength
    • 190% Greater elasticity
    • Exceptional hydration from root-to-tip
    • Instantly softer, more manageable, youthful resilient strands
    • Incredibly brilliant shine
    • Unsurpassed color and heat protection


    Collection includes:

    • Baobab Heal & RepairTM Shampoo ($50)
    • Baobab Heal & RepairTM Condition ($50)
      Baobab Heal & RepairTM Leave-In Treatment ($39)