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    Color Customize your iPhone with @ColorWare!

    Not everything in life is just black and white—and now either is your iPhone 4S! I made the switch from the Blackberry Bold 9700 to the iPhone 4S about a month ago and I am in love. The iPhone does everything my Blackberry did and more, although I’m still a bit nostalgic about the loss of Blackberry Messenger (RIP bbm </3). While I have no complaints about the phone itself, I have to admit that with my whole family being iPhone-ers, it can get confusing. To add a personal touch, I tried out the Kate Spade case (hate it—its bulky and it cracked within the week) and then a pink Apple Bumper, but wasn’t satisfied with either. I had heard about customizing the back glass panel of my iPhone with a color of my choice for a small fee and seeing as I’ve been going through phone cases like I own a store, I figured it was worth a shot.

    I did some research online and saw that there are countless colors and combinations to create.

    Now, my iPhone looks like this (and I absolutely love it) —

    As designer Bill Blass so eloquently said, “When in doubt, wear red.” 😉

    (FYI ColorWare color customizes just about any electronic! To learn more, check out their website)