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    Soooo SAD! Photo faux pas!!!

    Went to two of the most anticipated parties in Toronto this weekend… took photos galore of gorgeous Torontonians… Went to upload them to the blog this morning only to find photo dilemma after photo dilemma…

    First and foremost; NEVER lose an Olympus camera’s USB cable because “GOOD LUCK” if you think you’ll be able to find another one that fits… IT’S NOT A UNIVERSAL SIZE & neither is the only memory card that’s compatible with it! So (two hubs & a flea market later) I decided I would take logical option number two; burn to disc at blacks… and that went fine… except for the fact that when I got there at 5:15pm I discovered that blacks is the only store at the Common Mall that closes at 5!!!! :S
    Needless to say…uber sozz, photos will be up tomorrow… I PROMISE!!! xoxo