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    Why I love @MenajiSkincare

    “SKINCARE FOR THE CONFIDENT MAN.” Mënaji Skincare based in Southport, Connecticut, is a line of skincare and grooming products for men. Michele Probst, beauty expert and professional makeup artist, founded the company to create products to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and scratches. On top of that, her interest is healthy skincare as well!

    A few clients that Probst has worked on include, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Jay Leno, Katie Couric, Tim McGraw, Enrique Iglesias, and more.

    Menaji Skincare includes four product categories: Cleanse, Correct, Protect, and Conceal. Try Menaji Moisturizing After-Shave, lightweight and softens and brightens dull skin. It also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles!

    Menaji Skincare has all the essentials every guy needs. The Face & Body Scrub (Exfoliator) will clear clogged pores and leave your skin refreshed and moisturized. Many products include a natural blend of vitamins, such as Camo Concealer, which comes in three skin tones (light, medium, and bronze). You can use this concealer for blemishes, razor bumps, under-eye circles, and anything else you want to cover up! It’s so small you can carry it in your pocket!

    Check out Menaji Skincare on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! You can also find product overviews from Probst herself on YouTube!

    *They have a special offer here on their website!*