HCB #42: the ending…

Remember my tis the beginning post? Well…here’s the ending!
Let your dough sit for about an hour, make sure you knead it well, especially if you’re gonna be rolling it by hand… Then cut into four even pieces. I’d already rolled one out by the time I remembered to take the pic lol
Baked some thinly sliced marinated eggplant… mmm
Before baking your butternut squash, make sure you poke some holes into it, and rub it down with some olive oil, salt and pepper. 
It took everything in me to not just eat it up when it was done baking! The flavor was so much more intense! DELICIOUS
roll it out nice and thin 🙂

measure and cut your lasagna sheets
I par-cooked them before assembling the lasagna
Assembly time!
Oven time…
All I can say is DAMN. I know you’re not supposed to toot your own horn, but TOOT TOOT b*tches! The ish was f***ing amazing!! I couldn’t possibly share just how long or rather how short a time it took me to polish off this BAD BOY!! 
Happy Cookin Lovelies!

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