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    Sweet Fashion

    “The Couture Lollipop combines a striking design and contemporary fashion in a deliciously sweet confection that is wonderfully portable and ever-changing”
    Lollipops just got 100 times better, and cuter!
    They always tell you that you’ll miss the days of being a kid. Here’s a tasty and fashionable way of bringing back the good ole days without being childish! lol
    Black Onyx: Exciting. Fashionable. Collectable.
    Katy Perry & Rihanna are feelin them!
    Opaque Cherry Flavour! mmmmm!
    Sugar Factory has created bejeweled and custom handles that you can pair with a rainbow assortment of lollipop flavors.
    R.i.p DJ AM

    We match our shoes and accessories, so why not match our lollipops!
    For more info on couture pops click here!