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    Save the world with @PowerCapes

    Are you ready to fly into the New Year? Have you always wanted to be a superhero? Does your child think they are one already? Check out PowerCapes, where you can buy superhero capes, and custom superhero capes for kids and adults!

    This is great for students or work because you can use their “Donate a Cape Program,”
    which is where you purchase their products and all the proceeds will go to your choice
    of organization or cause. You can also purchase their “Cape Kits & Team Spirit Capes
    Program,” which is great for clubs, daycares, schools, etc., to earn money and fundraise.

    Every cape is handmade in Michigan, ready to be worn whenever you or your child is
    ready to fight some crime and save the world.

    Here are some of their designs that I like:

    Super J (Jackie), saving one crime at a time

    Blogger by day, Princess Superhero by night

    Playing Cupid or Matchmaker, perhaps?

    Choose from 11 cape colors, 29 emblem colors, and 8 emblem designs, to create the cape
    you have always dreamed of!

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    Let us know which capes & accessories you like from their website!

    I think this is so much fun for kids and adults (I know everyone has an inner superhero in them!) 🙂