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    HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010

    Phoebe Lo, Christine Lieu, Me, and Maggie Greyson: I’ll heart you guys forever! Room 202!
    I had thee most AMAZING experience at this year’s CUTMR BIG shout outs to Maya from the Gladstone hotel for inviting me 🙂
    I met some great people, and bonded instantly with others. I found some pieces that touched my heart, and look forward to working with many of the people I met.
    Your city has sooooo much talent Toronto. I only hope that you can take your focus off of what lies across the border, and enjoy the variety of talent Canada has to offer.

    cutest washroom ever!
    better pic for y’all!

    ALL made outta paper!!
    just so beautiful!
    Jon Keophila, Lisa Keophila, Fiona Lim Tung and me!

    the artists!
    The Ballroom!
    ha ha ha

    I’d just like to say that all of you (artists) did an AMAZING job. As Wendy Williams would say, you guys are definitely friends in my head, and if we happen to bump into each other make sure to say hello 🙂 Oh and keep on doing what you doing, coz you’re doing it oh so well!
    More pics here!
    HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010

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    Come Up To My Room!

    I looooooooove!
    I’m so excited about going up to the Gladstone Hotel to check out this year’s CUTMR!

    Come Up To My Room or CUTMR is the Gladstone’s Hotel annual alternative design event in which they invite artists and designers to exhibit some of the genius work that comes out of their heads! (the images are some of the best of previous CUTMRs)

    “Coming together in dialogue and collaboration, participants are limited only by their imagination”, and because the imagination has no limit, CUTMR has quickly began one of Toronto’s most exciting Design Shows!
     All the love letters I never sent you… I was just thinking how i’d rather paste tonnes of inspirational whatevers on wall, versus just a different shade of paint… blah!
    Did you know: This awesome four-day event is in it’s SEVENTH year at the Gladstone Hotel, featuring 11 room and 14 public space installations, with over 50 designers!
    I’ll be passing through a couple times so make sure you say hello!!
    Thanks Maya!
    GYS! Get You Some!! Jan 22n-24th!