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    Love it Light

    reminding me of my two longest friends, Doc & Chelle, & moi

    Mum came to visit from England this past week (hence my active blogging absentee’ism) & told me about this Diet Coke campaign called ‘Love It Light’… and how much one of the characters looks like me… I giggled, when I looked further into it, each of the characters remind me of other ladies that I know.

    The cutie characters Eleanor, Bernadette & Irene are diva-stated and sophisticated ladies working at a fashion magazine; Diet Coke brings fashion & style to an always familiar brand… in a whole new way! I thought it was sooo cute and had to share with all of you! xo

    Ms. Kai 😉

    scenes from this & other ads from the campaign

    video courtesy of youtube.com

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    TIFF 2010: HeyDoYou x Diet Coke Social Media Influencer

    So to continue the TIFF-ivities, Yvonne and I passed through the Diet Coke Social Media Influencer event; and we had so much FUN! You could tell by all the twit-pic-ing that went on that night, that we truly were having a blast! Bumped into lots of familiar faces, met some new people and loved them right away! It was awesome!
    There was lots of food, an open bar (YEAH!), complimentary hair and make-up for the ladies, good people, lots of diet coke, and so much more stuff I’d love to mention; but you’d only be jealous 🙂 (I kid I kid… it’s true though he he he)
    you guys did an awesome job taking care of us!

    After some drinks, grubbing, and memory capturing (pictures lol), they loaded us into this big ass limo and took us over to the Elgin Theatre for the Visa Screening of, Route Irish. I think we caused quite a stir (a good one of course) while waiting to go inside the theatre lol, lots of laughing, hugging and picture taking!
    I digress; Route Irish? Omg, such a good movie; even though it left me feeling pretty sad, it was VERY WELL made. Shines such a bright light on human greed… a definite must see.

    Lil Miss Kai and The Diet Coke Limo! Um..it was HUGE!
    pretty lady 🙂 cupcakes by OMG Baked Goodness!
    swag bags!!!
    nice seeing you again! you looked sooo cute!
    cheesing!! ha ha ha
    There was soo much food!! I had the plain fries of course!! lol
    Claudia, Ally and Theresa: (I had so much fun with you ladies )
    there was ALSO cotton candy! cutest in charge!
    look who was there too!
    Ms Duhlicious herself was there too 
    Limo L-O-V-E!
    Meg and Yvonne!
    “steal the spotlight one sip at a time”– Diet Coke 🙂

    YOU MUST SEE the rest of the album!!

    TIFF x DIET COKE Social Media Influencer

    peace and love

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