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    DimePiece Heat Wave

    Toni! Tony! Tone! said it best, “It’s our anniversaryyy!” Its been a solid year since DimePiece beared it’s little head in the world, and now in our Junior season, the time has come to let all of you know what’s going on with this beautiful monster we’ve created.

    76 Stores Worldwide and Counting!
    With the successful release of our Summer 2008 season, we’ve added some locations to our vendor list for you all to go and touch, feel, buy. Be sure to check our website store list and see if we’ve popped up in a retailer near you.

    “We are moving toward a more progressive and contemporary look for the urban female this season. The new Spring/Summer 2008 collection has been deeply influenced by our laid back Los Angeles lifestyle. We captured the raw social standards of the Hollywood culture and the strong perspective of the everyday woman.” –