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    Mixing the Old with the New

    Thanks to Danielle from Audioblood for dropping me a note about Hi-Scores; an independent boutique record label based right here in Toronto J that was founded and is currently operated by James Trauzzi.

    So seeing as the cd format is slowly on its way out, Hi-Scores primarily release limited edition vinyl and digital downloads; also focusing on releasing vinyl and digital downloads in Canada, as well as worldwide. Did you know they already have distribution in Japan and the US? Good stuff J
    They kicked off an already busy year with two limited edition 7-inch releases!
    SCORE001: 7-inch for Chicago’s Wolf In A Spacesuit, featuring two of their “spastic electronic-dance fuelled” tracks; “Bark of a Cedar” and “I Fee Nthg.”. However, there were only 500 copies made.
    SCORE002: Hi-Scores second release comes from Toronto’s own Dinosaur Bones; featuring two tracks recorded with Jon Drew. The tracks are said to be a taste of what’s to come on the bands full length debut. 500 copies of the limited edition 7-inch white vinyl release were made available; featuring upbeat track “Royalty’ and “Ice Hotels” which shines a light on the groups’ darker side. 
    Fun Fact: The Hi-Scores LP Player is Hi-Scores’ very own iPhone/iPod Touch app! In the spirit of mixing vinyl and digital music, this application looks and acts like an old record player by playing music from your iTunes library, and it even adds the signature vinyl crackling sounds over your music. It’s available on iTunes NOW for .99 cents!
    ps: Future releases this year will include a 17 track digital-only EP by Wolf In A Spacesuit called Pink Slip EP AND If you purchase a copy of their limited edition 7-inch record you’ll get a digital download of the Pink Slip EP J
    Have a lovely day/night wherever you are ♥
    Ps: Dinosaur Bones will be having their Toronto 7-inch release at Steamwhistle Brewing in Toronto tomorrow!
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    Preview of what is to Come

    First of all, can I start off by saying I LOVE “Ice Hotels” and I can’t wait to party with you guys at the end of this month!
    Check out their myspace!
    Ben Fox, Joel Clifton, Branko Scekic, Dave Wickland and Lucas Fredette make up one of Toronto’s hottest Indie Rock bands; Dinosaur Bones. This year the band that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue is releasing their 7-inch-vinyl, featuring highly anticipated material! On February 2nd the release of Dinosaur Bones’ 7 inch on Toronto/New York upstart vinyla label Hi Scores Recording Library. It will be digitally available worldwide as well as off-stage.
    ps: The 7-inch will feature “Ice Hotels” and “Royalty” which they recorded with Jon Drew (The Arkells, Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club).
    Fans can pre-order the limited edition record now here!
    You just HAVE to check out this video!

    Starting the year off right, the band has a slew of North American tour dates, and will be celebrating the release of their 7-inch right here in Toronto at the Steamwhistle Roundhouse on March 5th.
    Their live show is a memorable display of uninhibited talent; the type of musical complexity rarely witnessed in a band this early in their young and rising career.
    fyi: Dinosaur Bones recently entered the studio with producer Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club, the Arkells) to lay down the foundation for their long-anticipated debut LP.