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    Five Dollars with @TikaSimone & @AFilmByRez

    Tika Simone is making her first short film, and she needs ALL your support so that she can bring it to life. The working title for the short film is “Five Dollars”, and Tika made a video so that she can give you all the necessary details.

    WHAT IS FIVE DOLLARS? It’s a short film starring Tika Simone about a single mother’s time brought into conflict with raising her son.

    THE REASON FOR THIS SHORT FILM? “…because single mothers are pretty amazing and we want to do something beautiful that not only pays homage to them but also brings some much deserved light to their daily struggle. On a more personal level, Tika was raised by a single mother so the script was especially touching to her. Needless to say, she is VERY passionate about it.”- Reza Dahya (Director)

    WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? For this story to be told effectively, the visuals also need to be beautiful and touching. The money will go towards the following things:
    – camera rental (including all the peripheral needs)
    – lights + stands etc
    – food for the cast + crew for a 2-day shoot
    – truck rental + gas to transport everything
    – possible location fees
    – post production fees like getting master tapes/Blu-rays in order to submit the film to film festivals

    Make sure you show them some L-O-V-E and support! Donate here 🙂

    peace and love


    ps: Thanks to Tika and Reza for sharing this with us!