HCB #34: mmm gnocchi

what’s cookin, good lookin’! ha ha ha
a magical surprise awaits!
I was being “adventurous” and decided to try the ready made corn meal gnocchi from Sobeys. I sauteed it in butter and added some extra magic. Now, even though I LOVE gnocchi, I have discovered I detest corn meal gnocchi… YUCK. This was only good because of the spinach, garlic and tomato I added… I hated the texture of the corn meal gnocchi… ugh. I will go back to making my gnocchi from scratch…
Happy Cookin’ Lovelies!
Gnocchi (English pronunciation: /ˈnɒki, ˈnjɒki/; Italian: [ˈɲɔkːi]; N’YO-kee; singular gnocco)
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