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    HCB #44: bout my GREEN!

    After my delish cauliflower balls, I decided it was time to make more; only this time I used spinach! I usually only have spinach steamed with garlic, so this was a welcomed and delicious change 🙂

    Some benefits for ya!
    ♥ Low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals, as well as other phytonutrients.
    ♥ Excellent source of Vitamin K, A, C, B2, B6, E; spinach is also contains magnesium, folate, iron, calcium, protein, zinc, fibre, and MORE! (it’s also super cheap!)

    ♥ Got some antioxidants in there, as well as 13 different flavonoid compounds that act as anti-cancer substances.
    ♥ Heart healthy and good for lowering high blood pressure.

    “In comparison to red meat, spinach provides a lot less calories, is fat and cholesterol free, and an excellent source of iron. Because iron is a component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all body cells, it’s needed for good energy.”-WH Foods

    mmm mmm GOOD 🙂

    “In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted”-Bertrand Russell

    peace n love♥Bella♥

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    HCB #34: mmm gnocchi

    what’s cookin, good lookin’! ha ha ha
    a magical surprise awaits!
    I was being “adventurous” and decided to try the ready made corn meal gnocchi from Sobeys. I sauteed it in butter and added some extra magic. Now, even though I LOVE gnocchi, I have discovered I detest corn meal gnocchi… YUCK. This was only good because of the spinach, garlic and tomato I added… I hated the texture of the corn meal gnocchi… ugh. I will go back to making my gnocchi from scratch…
    Happy Cookin’ Lovelies!
    Gnocchi (English pronunciation: /ˈnɒki, ˈnjɒki/; Italian: [ˈɲɔkːi]; N’YO-kee; singular gnocco)
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    HCB #35: chomp chomp chomp

    red/green pepper (they’re under the red peppers) matchsticks sexified with some craisins, sweet corn on the cob, and a yummy seasoned cheesy pita! YUM and YUM 🙂
    drizzle a little ranch on those bad boys and it’s a party!
    Happy Cookin’

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    HCB #35: Look what i found!

    I made a very happy discovery while doing groceries the other day; Veggie “chicken” burgers! But before my excitement could get away with me, I had to make sure there was no animal present in them whatsoever. You can imagine my joy when I discovered I was in the vegan/vegetarian section! aahh not to worry.
    I was a little worried that they’d taste like card board but…
    simple and tasty: tomato, melted cheddar, veggie burger, RANCH and of course the OneBun!
    …fries go straight to my ass and hips and I’m tryna keep that ish in check lol. So I opted for green pepper matchsticks witha ranch/peppercorn dipping sauce! yummay!
    Sorry the pics are so dark guys, I totally forgot to turn the main light on when taking the pics… sometimes I like cooking in the dark with only the stove’s surface light turned on.
    DEMOLISHED in no time! Soooooooo GOOD!
    Happy Cookin Lovelies!

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    bb ♥: still going…

    bb pics what what! Lol 
    Veggie/Cheese Omelette from @SpotToronto (333 bremmner, Toronto), sooooo GOOD! LOVES me some mixed peppers, and yes CHEESE! (oooooo and ketchup! one way or another tomato must make some kinda feature!)
    …soooo back in school, my professor’s still a douche, still grindin’ my ass off! and oh yeah, I’m LOVING being meat-FREE! I have to say, I thought “quitting” meat would be difficult; considering I was quite the meat lover but so far so good. I feel happier and have loads more energy. Good move! 
    stay happy, and stay living lovelies!

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    Meat vs. Veggies

    Lately, I’ve been feeling a little weird about eating meat, as a result I’ve been buying tonnes of vegetables and secretly experimenting with vegetarian recipes (ssshhhhh :)). Make no mistake I love meat… or at least I think I do. 

    (Because I work with food, I figured I may as well take a deeper look into the health as well as spiritual benefits of vegetariansism/veganism, and come up with some delicious ways to cook them so that they are appealing to myself and the people I’m cooking for )

    Would you rather have this…

    Before the idea of being a vegetarian or vegan was B-O-R-I-N-G to me, but in my journey to treat myself/my body better and become a better person; I’ve been  reading a lot of books, articles etc and realized one common factor behind why people choose to be vegetariain or vegan. 
    The killing innocent and helpless animals to satisfy our culinary desires. 

    this? WHY?

    The one thing that really got me, and I read this in an article on vegetarianism and spirituality; is that, an animal experiences fear, anxiety and pain before and during the slaughter, and that fear, anxiety and pain are transfered to you when you consume this meat. What do you think?
    Ever since reading that, I’ve been incorporating more greens and grains into my diet, and gradually eating less meat. Will I stop completely? Who knows, but all I know is that I can’t stop thinking about what if the tables were turned? We wouldn’t appreciate that shit… but that’s just me 🙂 What do you think?
    “…killing innocent and helpless animals for the purpose of filling ones stomach is a bad karma with harmful consequences…”
    All my vegetarians, tell me about why you choose not to eat animals (meat)?
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