HCB #35: Look what i found!

I made a very happy discovery while doing groceries the other day; Veggie “chicken” burgers! But before my excitement could get away with me, I had to make sure there was no animal present in them whatsoever. You can imagine my joy when I discovered I was in the vegan/vegetarian section! aahh not to worry.
I was a little worried that they’d taste like card board but…
simple and tasty: tomato, melted cheddar, veggie burger, RANCH and of course the OneBun!
…fries go straight to my ass and hips and I’m tryna keep that ish in check lol. So I opted for green pepper matchsticks witha ranch/peppercorn dipping sauce! yummay!
Sorry the pics are so dark guys, I totally forgot to turn the main light on when taking the pics… sometimes I like cooking in the dark with only the stove’s surface light turned on.
DEMOLISHED in no time! Soooooooo GOOD!
Happy Cookin Lovelies!

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