Day Two @WMCFashionWeek

I wrote a brutal crisis management exam in the morning, and couldn’t wait to get to the tents, so that I could watch some shows and forget all about the exam that tore me a new you know what lol. I was so excited to see what day two of WMC Fashion week had in store, because the shows on day one damn near blew my mind! Unfortunately that was not the case… the shows were okay I guess, but lucky for me the street style was awesome. I’m not sure if the warm weather had something to do with it, but everybody looked great!

she looked so good!

guess who???

love those shoes!

These ladies were taking good care of us!

lol we were being extra silly yesterday πŸ™‚

pretty ladies πŸ™‚

guess who???

the lovely Kreesha Turner

Hair envy!

so cute

Chenessa and Chantel!

Mo, Domingo and I πŸ™‚

love it.

Still can’t believe we were able to just sit outside and enjoy the weather between shows!

shoe stalking… πŸ™‚

cute πŸ™‚

Yes. Yes. YES.

*choo chooooooo* such a fun shirt! (behind mo)

Hawley always looks good!

love the socks!

Happy to be home!

Pics below for your viewing pleasure!

peace and love