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    Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Ionic AC Hair Dryer Review

    Professional hairdryers and flat irons should be a girl’s best friend… in the hair universe at least. I recently received a professional Hot Tools Black Nano Ceramic Ionic AC Hair Dryer from Image Beauty. This hair dryer is definitely an upgrade from the drugstore hairdryer I’ve been using for years.



    The hairdryer has and claims:

    • Direct ION technology
    • Newly designed and engineered motor for quiet operation and maximum airflow
    • NanoCeramic grill
    • 1600 Watts – Saves energy without giving up heat or airflow
    • Rubberized non-slip handle
    • Removable lint filter
    • Velocity – 690f/m
    • Nozzle diameter – 47.0mm (1.8”)
    • Multiple heat and speed combinations
    • Cool shot for setting the style
    • Attachments:
    o Diffuser
    o Concentrator
    • Hanging ring/ cord guard
    • 8ft cord
    • One-year warranty


    ION technology – I thought this was pretty cool because my hairdryer before didn’t have the ion technology this one does. It claims that it will dry your hair 40% faster and I think it’s true. My old hairdryer would dry my hair pretty quick before since it blew really hot heat out but this Hot Tools hairdryer blows out cooler air but seems to dry my hair in the same amount of time as my old one. Totally surprising to me since I had originally thought the hairdryer wasn’t working right since I wasn’t used to the air being so cool. I definitely think the ion technology in this Hoot Tool hairdryer helps with the process a lot. My hair also turns out WAY smoother and sleeker. My hair would get frizzier when I used my old hairdryer which is why I always preferred to wash my hair and dry it at night instead of the morning or before I go out. Who wants frizzy hair before you leave the house? Not I.

    quiet operation – This is the only thing I will say I disagree about in the description of the Hot Tools hairdryer. I expected something quieter than what it sounds like. It’s equally as loud as any hairdryer I’ve ever used, seen, or heard. It’s not an excessively loud airflow or anything but for me to say that it is a quiet one… definitely not.

    non-slip handle – I really liked the handle of this hairdryer. It’s got a good grip fitting in my hand well. My hair is very long as you all probably know so it takes a good amount of time for my hair to dry completely. The non-slip handle helps a lot preventing hand cramping and what not.


    Overall great hairdryer for a great price. As it says above it comes with a concentrator and diffuser and has multiple settings… standard. I have now joined this century with the ion technology and the fancy professional hairdryer 🙂 My hair has looked a lot healthier now and I actually take the time to blow dry my hair instead of sleeping with it wet. I even blow dry it when I go out now since it doesn’t frizz up my hair. Hairdryers are good investment pieces and a great professional hairdryer will definitely become your best friend. Although I have been and currently still am too lazy to give myself blowouts I’m sure I will eventually now that I have a great hairdryer to do it with.

    You can get your own Hot Tools Black Nano Ceramic Ionic AC Hair Dryer for a great price from Image Beauty, an online retailer of beauty supplies, cosmetics, and hair products.

    xo, June 🙂

    Writer’s Note: This product was sent to me for review by the brand/PR. All reviews on HeyDoYou.com by myself, June Ning, are unpaid and unbiased.