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    Best Easter Inspired Chocolate Treats of this Season and Why Get Them Now

    Easter is behind us, which means that it’s time to get ready for the hunt of treats. Yes, you heard us right. The hunt for the best Easter treats at discount prices! This is the best time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the well of choco goodness that Easter bunnies have left behind. This season offered an abundance of Easter-themed candy creations, from classic sweets getting a new spring twist to innovative and unique chocolate marvels. From farm animals to carrots and coconuts, here are six Easter-themed chocolate treats that will capture your attention and enthrall your taste buds.

    Easter version of M&Ms

    There isn’t a person in the world, young or old, who doesn’t enjoy the taste of these colorful sweets. Classic M&Ms have added a new twist to their regular design and the results are these delicious Easter-themed candies. You can serve them as an afternoon snack or nibble them together with your colleagues during break at work. Either way, these adorable little eggs are bound to sweeten your day.

    Nostalgic Chocolate Carrots by Lindt

    As we all know, Lindt is the master of making the finest and yummiest chocolates and this season their Easter treats are carrying a nostalgic touch. One bite of these tasty treats will take us right back to the golden and innocent days of childhood. Indulge in sweet chocolate carrots and reminisce of the Easter Sundays of the past and egg hunts on a sunny weather.

    Marshmallow Easter Bunnies by Peeps

    Easter holidays are the time of indulging in sweets a little more than usual, so incorporating a healthy component to candies is a great idea. Peeps created these cute little marshmallow bunnies which don’t contain gluten and fat but taste amazing nonetheless. Share these with your little ones as a light treat after Sunday’s brunch to keep the Easter atmosphere going.  

    Chocolab Easter eggs

    Search through a large selection of chocolate Easter eggs online and find the perfect candy for you. From white chocolate, mint, nutella, and peanut butter flavors, to classic chocolate bunnies and large egg slabs, here you can find everything you need to complete your Easter celebration. After trying them, your little ones will be over the moon and you won’t complain either, we’re sure.

    Bettys Saddleback Pig

    Bring the charms of springtime on farms into your home with this friendly pig that’s certainly having a blast in its chocolate “mud”. Crafted from the finest Swiss milk chocolate, this adorable fellow has hand-made decorations of white chocolate and a cocoa dusted coat, which makes the flavor all the more intensive. Indulge into this creamy delight with your youngsters and bring them closer the world of nature and animals.

    Choc on Choc coconut Easter egg

    This year, Choc on Choc is bringing the smell of palm trees and coastal paradise into Easter celebration with their coconut themed Easter egg. On the outside it looks the same as the real coconut, but once you crack it open you’ll find a silky white chocolate layer and a cluster of little chocolate milk eggs wrapped up in golden foil and peeking from the inside. A lustrous and tropical way to celebrate Easter holidays indeed, so have a taste of these sunlit candies to get a little preview of summer.

    Easter celebration isn’t complete without special treats to further sweeten the atmosphere, and these treats will definitely make the Easter hunt worth your while. Take your pick from a wide selection of choices and make the youngest members of the family thrilled over the upcoming holidays. Use these candies to establish new sweet family traditions and make precious memories your kids will treasure for a long time.

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    NEW App: ShopCatch

    Today I attended the launch of ShopCatch: a new application on the Iphone for those who want great style –  for less. Shop Catch offers the best in-store deals by major retailers at shopping malls in your area. Best of all the download is free. And worry not Blackberry users! The same deals are also available for view on the website.

    Congrats to our heydoyou contest winners; they were also invited to attend this event.

    Shop Catch girls.

    Shop Catch App

    The Beverages

    ShopCatch Outfit on Display


    This app is such a great idea! Anyone who loves shopping as much as me is definitely going to need to download this. Let’s go shopping!!

    XOXO, Kaycee