HCB# 30: OneBun Tacos??? YES!

I did my happy dance when I found these while grocery shopping! OneBun steppin’ they’re bread up!
I’m not a fan of bread cause I find the texture is just too i dunno… heavy, bready (is that even a word?), I dunno it’s too much for me to handle in short. But I LOVE OneBuns cause they’re light, GOOD FOR YOU, tasty, and not bready at all! OneBun Tacos? WHAT?! *doin the two-step*
So I was like, “hmmm how do I wanna eat my OneBun Taco?” playing around with a spice blend always gets my juices flowing… I needed to come up with something SIMPLE, EASY and TASTY! a lil cumin, some thyme…hot peppers?
For all my people that don’t eat meat, sprinkle some of your spice blend over the tomatoes, and if you want you can drizzle a lil olive oil on top.  (optional) same ingredients so much variety! tomato avocado, tomato spinach, cheddar/mozzarella/ tomato etc…

…mmm goat cheese and cranberries are the perfect topping to a salad!
for my meat eaters, you know I got you!
Whatever it is that you prefer; remember, it’s easy to prepare something simple and tasty with just a few ingredients!
Happy Cooking Lovelies!

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