HCB #4: Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana…

The warm weather we’ve been having these past few days, left me with a taste for a bbq culinary delight, and nothing says bbq better than baby back ribs… pork baby back ribs and potato salad. Simple, easy and TASTY! In the spirit of enjoying the warm weather, I decided to add oranges to the mix to make things extra sexy J plus 10 healthy orange facts!

Did you know?
♥Vitamin C in oranges protects sperm from genetic damage that may cause birth defects.

Orange Bbq baby back ribs, served with a zesty potato salad!
throw a lil zest on that bad boy!
Did you know?

♥The anti-oxidants in oranges help protect the skin from free radical damage which is known to cause signs of aging. If you weren’t a fan of oranges, I bet you are now!
♥Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C! Just ONE orange gives you 116.2% of the daily value for vitamin C.
♥One orange is loaded with over 170 different phytonutrients and more than 60 flavonoids! They’ve been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and blood clot inhibiting properties, as well as powerful anti-oxidant effects. Herperidin, a flavanone in oranges, has also been shown to lower high blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Who knew oranges had so much swag! lol

Tip: Gently remove the thin white skin on the underside of the ribs before marinating the meat; this will keep the ribs flat, and prevent them from curling up during the cooking process… Leaving all the meat in contact with the deliciousness of the oranges and onions. Tip #2: Give the orange a nice roll on a hard surface, then slice down the middle and squeeze the juices ALL OVER the ribs…mmm J

Did you know?
♥Oranges contain a compound called liminoid, and it’s been found to help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.
♥The large amount of Vitamin C in oranges, stimulates white cells to fight infection, thus building a good immune system The strong content of vitamin C stimulates white cells to fight infection, naturally building a good immune system.
♥Painful inflammation may be a result of free radical damage to cellular structures and other molecules in our bodies; Vitamin C, prevents free radial damage that triggers such pain; it also help in reducing the severity of inflammatory conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even osteoarthritis.

Seal in the goodness, and place in an already preheated oven. I slow cooked the ribs nice and slow at 350 F while I prepared the potato salad.
Make sure you salt your water, when cooking the potatoes; when cooked, don’t forget to refresh them by giving them a nice ice bath. Then drain and make potato salad magic happen! Don’t forget to add a lil zest, it’s great for flavor and looks so pretty!
Mmmm… as you can tell I love tomatoes and cucumbers. Dice them up, season and garnish with whatever you like and enjoy!
Did you know?

♥Oranges are also a good source of vitamin A, the B vitamins, amino acids, beta-carotene, pectin, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, chlorine and iron. WINNER!
♥Vitamin C is also vital for the proper function of a healthy immune system, and is good for preventing colds and can also be helpful in preventing recurrent ear infections. The perfect ingredient for any meal!
♥As always, remember everything in moderation; over consumption of any citrus juices can take calcium from the body, causing decay of the bones and teeth…sooooooo NOT cute!
Happy cooking!