NYC – Givaudan

I am on the FIDM Beauty Tour and we went to visit several amazing beauty HQ’s in NYC this week. So far, we have had action packed days and the adventure never stops.  One of the favorite places we went to visit is Givaudan – the #1 smell and taste labs in the world.

There are about 350 ‘noses’ in the whole world that create, smell and evaluate scents – 150 of them work at Givaudan. They go to into the Amazon on blimps to capture scents of exotic flowers, tree sap and red ginger.  O_O Beats the cubicle right?

“In order to forget, you must remember something new”
They gave us an amazing TRENDS presentation and we talked about blogs, inspiration, art, culture and OMG smells.  I want to work here!
 Fragrance world is so amazing and believe it or not Givaudan has created all of my favorite perfumes. Dior J’adore, Ed Hardy, Harajuku, Polo Black, Marc Jacobs Lola, JLo Glow to name a few.
From designing the bottle, to packaging, to marketing, to creating those ‘new memories’ and shaping culture..Talk about a dream job. Please please please Givaudan, let me into your mystical world!

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