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    Why I am Creating a Makeup Line

    I made a resolution in 2010 and I intend to carry it onto 2011 in a more involving way. A Healthy New Me. When I went to school in California I did my post grad in Beauty Industry Marketing and Merchandising.  Beauty – I learned so much about this industry. More than lipstick, powder and paints, I learned about the INGREDIENTS, the HISTORY and the MARKET.  I learned how this multi-billion dollar industry came to be, how products are manufactured, packaged and the future of this industry.  Knowing what I know now and loving makeup as much as I do – I am out to create safe and smashingly beautiful products this summer.

    Similar to the ORGANIC food movement and educating yourself about why Cheetos and processed cheese are equally bad for you – It is the same in makeup.  I am not a tree hugger or a dippy hippie – I am an educated person who does not want to die of breast cancer or unknowingly damage my health.  I use Tom’s Toothpaste, I cook with coconut oil, I wash my face with Burt’s Bees and 2011 I will be creating a makeup line without dangerous ingredients in it.

    There are 4 baddies in makeup. They are usually typed in 0.5 pt font on the back of your lipgloss or carton you threw out.  Here they are big and bad.

    polyethelene glycol (PEG)
    sodium lauryl sulfate

    All of my favorite these brands have these harmful ingredients. 

    Most of the brands at Sephora have some if not all of the above ingredients. L’Oreal, Rimmel, Dior, NYX, Smashbox, Red Earth, Sugarbaby, Bed Head… and many more. As you know, an hour after you put on lipgloss it disappear. Well where did it go? It could have transferred onto a cup when you were drinking, or a boy you were kissing or into your body cuz you licked it. That’s very bad.

    Parabens can imitate the estrogen hormone, influencing high levels in the body, which may be linked to breast cancer. Studies have shown that parabens increased breast cancer proliferation and have been found in breast tumor samples.

    Much like the patches used to quit smoking, parabens enter your bloodstream when applied to your skin. When taken in through the bloodstream, a body can receive higher concentrations, up to 10 times the amount than when taking it orally. Additionally, those with sensitive skin should avoid parabens because it often causes allergic reactions, irritation and rashes.

    I love makeup but I also love being healthy and I am throwing all of those lip glosses away.  And I will be formulating my own without parabens!  I am so excited. Wait til you you see what I cook up! Find out here

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    NYC – Givaudan

    I am on the FIDM Beauty Tour and we went to visit several amazing beauty HQ’s in NYC this week. So far, we have had action packed days and the adventure never stops.  One of the favorite places we went to visit is Givaudan – the #1 smell and taste labs in the world.

    There are about 350 ‘noses’ in the whole world that create, smell and evaluate scents – 150 of them work at Givaudan. They go to into the Amazon on blimps to capture scents of exotic flowers, tree sap and red ginger.  O_O Beats the cubicle right?

    “In order to forget, you must remember something new”
    They gave us an amazing TRENDS presentation and we talked about blogs, inspiration, art, culture and OMG smells.  I want to work here!
     Fragrance world is so amazing and believe it or not Givaudan has created all of my favorite perfumes. Dior J’adore, Ed Hardy, Harajuku, Polo Black, Marc Jacobs Lola, JLo Glow to name a few.
    From designing the bottle, to packaging, to marketing, to creating those ‘new memories’ and shaping culture..Talk about a dream job. Please please please Givaudan, let me into your mystical world!

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    Follow – @FIDM

    As you all know, I spent the last 9 months of my life in LA going to FIDM!  The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has 4 campus in SF, SD, OC, LA and have over 16 majors. It’s not just about sewing clothes…

    This is my last week of school forever! Can you believe it?  I decided to come to FIDM to pursue my studies in Beauty Industry Marketing because I knew I would excel and love every single day of it! And I was right… I am really going to miss being a student but I won’t miss being broke ^_^  These are my last 7 days as a FIDM student but the adventures never stop!
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    CEW Event

    FIDM Beauty students made their way to the Beverly Hilton for the 2nd CEW West Coast event this year…
    FIDM Beauty students Kady Rick and Racine Mower

    I love her style 🙂

    Christian Louboutin Top La T-Straps… I see ya baby!

    Beauty student Marisa Anhaltzer

    Beauty student Cassandra Bustamante 
    All the ladies

    Beverly Hilton

    Me ^_^ , Ffiona Spilsbury, Bryan Cendejas, Heather Cuevas

    Thanks for a wonderful evening!
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    For our Beauty Promotions class, we got to go visit the Joico head office in Arcadia, California!

    Not sure who was more excited, us or them!

    Joico is a professional hair care line that prides themselves in the art of healthy hair. 

    “We eat, sleep and breathe beauty. We develop innovative, top performing products. We design artistic imagery that inspires creativity. We surround ourselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the industry.”

    Though their main headquarters are in New York, the LA satellite office was stocked with high performance products and creative talent.

    Some inspiration in their in-house art department. There’s a super cute graphic designer that works there. Kyle, if you are reading this, holla at cha girl ^_^

    Marketing department

    Sneak peek at their mood boards for this season!

    I love this quote in the Joico boardroom

    Joico Director of Education Angelia Polsinelli telling us all about marketing a new product. She is wonderful! Thanks Angelia 🙂

    Those giant giftbags were for us! yay!

    You guys know how much I love hair products and doing hair shows… Like so many hair institutes, they always need heads to test new cuts, colors and products on. Guess what, they are looking for hair models! So if you are in California and want an amazing color & cut – make sure you get at Joico.
    Oh la la!

    Here’s what was in the giftbag. Joico hooked us up! Thank you + super excited to try out all these super luxe products.
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