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    Last month when I went to NYC, I got to immerse myself in the genius scent labs of Givaudan. I am SO excited to announce their new iPhone app called iPerfumer!  Basically what it does is give you suggestions of that perfect new summer scent for you or whoever you are buying from! I can’t wait to try this. I love it. My boo say he loves Comme des Garcon and Issey Miyake… so for his bday, this will help me select just the right cologne that he will love.  Cool right??  Download it here.

    Here is the official press release below:
    Finding your perfect fragrance just got easier.

    Givaudan, the industry-leading perfumery house, have created a unique tool to help individuals select their perfect fragrance. Now available for free download from Apple App Store, iPerfumer is the first mobile perfume recommendation tool and is set to revolutionize fragrance buying.

    Offering individuals tailored advice on which perfumes to try, iPerfumer removes the confusion that often surrounds choosing perfume. Revolutionary in its approach, iPerfumer is a personal fragrance consultant in your pocket. It provides fragrance recommendations to help make informed choices, either for yourself, or when buying gifts for others.

    Busy modern lifestyles and a need to bargain hunt have led to a rise in internet sales of perfume. Great for finding bargains, the internet removes traditional fragrance sampling from the purchasing experience. At the same time mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives and are no longer simply used as communication tools – instead they have become hand-held media centres and information devices. Sid Shah, Givaudan Head of Internet Technology and Innovation, connected market and technological developments with an individual need for guidance when buying perfume. “This is especially important when perfumes are bought without the opportunity to smell them and may be a way to connect with younger individuals.”

    The iPerfumer App gives people the opportunity to learn about fragrance and buy in an informed way. After a personal profile is created in iPerfumer, it can be used to view favorites or to shortlist fragrances best-suited to the user’s individual character. Multiple profiles can be created – allowing individuals to create one for friends and family, to help with gift-giving, as well as for themselves. The “Top Rated” function allows iPerfumer users to see which fragrances have been most highly rated by the iPerfumer community, in effect harnessing peer recommendation.

    Information from Miriad® 2.0, winner of this year’s FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance Creation & Formulation, is the foundation of the database of over 4000 prestige perfumes currently included in iPerfumer. Maurizio Volpi, Marketing Director at Givaudan Fragrances explains “Many people are daunted when choosing fragrance and either walk away or buy the same perfume every time because it is a safe choice. Our research shows that young people particularly are not becoming fragrance buyers, but they love technology. iPerfumer is a means of sharing our professional understanding of fragrance with consumers and is a meaningful step towards engaging a new generation of perfume enthusiasts.”

    Here are a few of my favorites… put it in the app and tell me what you recommend for me!

    *** ATTN NYC bloggers ***
    At the Givaudan Fine Fragrance Creative Studio
    40 W 57th Street, 11th Floor, NYC
    Tuesday, July 13th or Wednesday, July 14th
    9AM, 11AM, 2PM, or 4PM (You pick your time)
    RSVP to Christina Feggoudakis

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    NYC – Givaudan

    I am on the FIDM Beauty Tour and we went to visit several amazing beauty HQ’s in NYC this week. So far, we have had action packed days and the adventure never stops.  One of the favorite places we went to visit is Givaudan – the #1 smell and taste labs in the world.

    There are about 350 ‘noses’ in the whole world that create, smell and evaluate scents – 150 of them work at Givaudan. They go to into the Amazon on blimps to capture scents of exotic flowers, tree sap and red ginger.  O_O Beats the cubicle right?

    “In order to forget, you must remember something new”
    They gave us an amazing TRENDS presentation and we talked about blogs, inspiration, art, culture and OMG smells.  I want to work here!
     Fragrance world is so amazing and believe it or not Givaudan has created all of my favorite perfumes. Dior J’adore, Ed Hardy, Harajuku, Polo Black, Marc Jacobs Lola, JLo Glow to name a few.
    From designing the bottle, to packaging, to marketing, to creating those ‘new memories’ and shaping culture..Talk about a dream job. Please please please Givaudan, let me into your mystical world!

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