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    When it’s nasty… AFFRESH!!

    If you’re anything like me and a million other people, then you love this invention they call the dishwasher! Thing is after a couple uses it loses that shiney new white look, and takes on this off-white color, with stains and food particles everywhere… YUCK! And cleaning it, is an even BIGGER pain in the butt!

    Lucky for you… or us, we can say so long to this problem, because AFFRESH has our back!
    All you have to do is put an AFFRESH tablet in that lil tablet compartment thingy; the AFFRESH will penetrate and dissolve ANY and ALL nasty particles of odors from your dishwasher, leaving your dishwasher so fresh and so clean for up to a month!

    I tried to see how dirty my dishwasher could get, but it was taking to damn long, and I really didn’t feel like getting it dirty only to clean it again… even though that would only involve me throwing in an AFFRESH tablet and letting it do it’s job…lol. So instead, I just googled “dirty dishwasher” and found the most unappealing picture and there you go! I’ve used AFFRESH on my dishwasher, and it’s AH-MAZING!
    More info here!
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