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    2 more sleeps till DITC!!!

    Oh my how time FLIES!
    All my Divas in The City I hope you’re READY!! It’s only a couple more days till we’re sipping cocktails and rubbing shoulders with all the movers and shakers this city has to offer!

    Make sure you come out with your Cute, Clever self and get Connected!
    If you STILL haven’t gotten your tickets, GET EM HERE!

    ps: There’s also a post-event networking event! It’s FREE, so RSVP here!
    See you there!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    More DITC ♥

    “Women are poised to take over the world.”– DITC

    The ladies behind DITC know that NO LOVE can succeed without SELF-LOVE; and they want you…us to revel in that “honest, unconditional and unbashed self-love” and I’m all for it!
    As you already know DITC is the city’s first forum for FABULOUSNESS, and it’s an opportunity for YOU to join forces with other women who revel in their STRENGTHS and stay TRUE to their values.
    As if the cause behind this event isn’t already AWESOME, the event will also feature seven experts in the areas that are essential to the “urban woman’s” lifestyle (I think any woman not just urban….)

    1. Money- Divas & Money
    Did you come up short for last month’s rent/mortgage after that sample sale?
    2. Food- Divas & Nutrition
    Is “diet” part of your daily vocabulary?
    3. Fashion- Divas and Style
    Are you bored of your style and wanting to personalize your look?

    4. Purpose – Divas and Goal Setting
    Does the term “Goal Setting” remind you of a cheesy exercise from corporate HQ?
    5. Fitness- Divas and Physical Health
    Do you keep your gym membership solely out of guilt?
    6. Relationships- Divas and Relationships
    Does it feel like they lied when they told you women “peak at 35”?
    7. Beauty – Divas and Self Care
    Is your “beauty regime” limited to lip-gloss and mascara application in the rear view mirror?
    For more info click here!
    Have you got your tickets yet??? Come on all you movers and shakers that make NO EXCUSES for who YOU are, tis the time!
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
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    DITC ♥ and the speakers are…

    Below are the FABULOUS Presenters & Seminars:
    Säbeen F. Haque. Toronto Director, Ladies Who Launch www.ladieswholaunch.com
    Standing on the Heels of Success
    Safina Khimani. Style Coach & Owner, Faith Style www.befaithfulbefabulous.ca
    Honouring Your Style
    Jessica O’Reilly. Sexologist, Celebrate Sex Inc.
    www.jessicaoreilly.com- Sex & the Diva
    Tara U. Dawood Esq. CEO, Dawood Capital Management Ltd. LADIESFUND™ www.edawood.com/ladiesfund :Flirting with Finances: Get Your Sexy Out
    Dr. Kristin Heins. Naturopathic Doctor, Current Health and Wellness – operating with Urban Health Group: www.urbanchiropractic.ca : Eat Your Heart Out: The Diva’s Guide to Health and Happiness with Food
    Jane Clapp. Published Author & Fitness Expert: www.urbanfitt.com :Mastering Your Mojo The Sweaty Way
    Krista Laugalys. Stylist & Owner, Sugar ‘n’ Spice Studios : www.sugarnspicestudios.com : What A Girl’s Made Of…

    GET YOUR TICKETS, price goes up tomorrow!!!

    Muchos besos!
    ♥ Bella♥ 
    Tune in to CHUM FM on Friday, May 28th to hear Divas in the City on the morning show with Roger, Darren and Marilyn!!
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
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    Are YOU a DITC??

    “She’s got the upwardly mobile 9-5, company blackberry, one bedroom plus den, Pilates class pass and a weak spot for VIP sample sales. Everything is good on paper, but she’s searching for something more…and that’s not code for “boyfriend”. Call it meaning, passion or joie de vivre: She wants to be Diva-fied.”

    Are you looking to join forces with other women who revel in their strengths and stay true to their values? Then you’re in luck!  

    DITC is a socially driven and goal-directed event that will feature seven experts in areas that are essential to an urban woman’s lifestyle:
    ♥ Finance
    ♥ Beauty
    ♥ Relationships

    ♥ Career
    ♥ Fashion
    ♥ Nutrition and Fitness
    Oh and it’s going to be tons of FUN too!
    So what exactly is DITC? Well it’s the brainchild of DivaGirl Inc owner, Laura Furtado and Nikki Bergen, owner of Grace Corp Studio
    Laura and Nikki met back in 2008 at various dance and women networking events and the rest as they say is history! They clicked right away and after what was said to be a challenging turn of events in both their lives, they became roommates! I know, I know let’s say it together Aaaawwww J 
    After many late night chats, they came to a conclusion that the events they often attended were MISSING something… this is how the idea for DITC came about.
    DITC is about loving YOU or as Nikki and Laura would say “self-love”; these ladies believe Toronto needs a forum for all the fabulous females in our city- the movers and shakers who make no excuses for who they are. AND WE AGREE
    LOVES it.
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*