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    Customize Unique Colors with Do-It-Yourself Lip Gloss and Nail Polish Kits

    DIY Kit Creations has introduced their Nail Polish Making Kit, Lip Gloss Making Kit and Deluxe Lip Gloss Making Kit that allows users to customize their very own, ready-to-wear colors and shades. DIY Kit Creations is an inventive cosmetic company that offers a trend-setting line of products geared towards those who wish to enhance their self-expression with a splash of personalized color. From pre-teen-packed slumber parties to grown-up best friends dishing about their days, the nail polish and lip gloss kits provide hours of creative fun for adults and children alike.

    Designed to allow customers to create the perfect shade for themselves, the Nail Polish Making Kit and the Lip Gloss Making Kit come with five different specialty mineral pigment powders and unlimited color possibilities. Used by top professionals in the United States and Europe, the nail polish dries very quickly and is long-lasting.  While the Nail Polish Making Kit is free of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals, the Lip Gloss Making Kit and Deluxe Lip Gloss Making Kit contain nourishing and ultra-hydrating ingredients that keeps lips soft.

    “At DIY Kit Creations, we have embraced the growing desire for individuals to share their authenticity and unique personalities through our innovative products.  We offer everything our customers need to enhance their look,” said founder Kyle Lippincott.  “It is also important to us that we push toward more eco-friendly options like cellulose-based biodegradable glitter.  We are also proud that all of our kits are handmade in the U.S.A.”

    DIY Kit Creations offers a care-free, fun way to express your individual style and is the perfect solution to finding the exact color nail polish or lip color for a particular outfit one is wearing to an event. The kits can be enjoyed by children as young as 9 years-old (adult supervision recommended).

    About DIY Kit Creations

    DIY Kit Creations offers innovative cosmetic products designed to allow customers to create truly personalized colors to encourage self-expression. The company is located in Berlin, New Jersey and currently ships product to all 50 states and U.S. overseas territories. The kits contain ingredients from suppliers and distributors in the United States, with cosmetic pigment ingredients that are all permitted for safe use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  All kits are assembled by The ARC of Camden County, a nonprofit occupational training center that provides work for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. DIY Kit Creations’ products are not tested on animals and are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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    DIY Kit Creations Lip Gloss Making Kit – Everything you need to make your own custom set of lip glosses

    Do you remember being a kid or pre-teen and learning about makeup? What was more fun than mixing colors? You were expressing your own style without knowing it and getting the creative juices flowing (and probably learning a bit about chemistry at the same time).

    One such company has introduced products that make it even easier for kids (and adults!) to find perfect colors for their mood or that match a particular outfit.

    Introducing DIY Kit Creations Lip Gloss Making Kit. This kit includes filling syringes (no-needle) to greatly reduce gel and plastic waste! Now you can make your own fully customized set of trendy, safe, and ultra-moisturizing lip glosses in the comfort of your own home!
    This kit gives you the freedom to customize 6 unique tubes of high-quality lip gloss. Includes an American-made lip gloss gel base that provides an excellent lip-softening moisture barrier. Each natural mica-based mineral pigment powder provides a unique finishing effect and can be used alone, or mixed with others. With the included moisturizing oil, you are free to control the texture, reduce stickiness, and the adjust the feel of your final product. Comes with enough material to experiment with color combinations on a palette or paper plate before committing to a full tube. Great for rainy day activities, DIY-ers, gifters, and even small entrepreneurs!


    • 6 empty lip gloss containers that each hold approximately 10 ml of lip gloss, including 6 wiper inserts
    • 5 ounces of Versagel American-made lip gloss base
    • 5 premium mineral pigment (mica) powders
      • Elegant Merlot (Deep matte red)
      • Sunset Coral (Bronze finish)
      • Cool Berry Pink
      • Warm Bermuda Pink
      • White
    • 2 oral filling syringes (No needle)
    • 2 powder scoops
    • 1 mixing spatula
    • 1 fluid ounce dropper bottle of fractionated (no flavor, no scent) coconut oil
    • 1 microwave-safe, white silicone mixing bowl
    • Instructions

    Unleash your creative potential and make your own lip gloss. Formulate your own custom shades and textures from the comfort of your own home. Great for adults and children of all ages. DIY Kit Creations have everything your need and are proudly made in the USA!