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    If your Instagram is full of dog pics like mine – You might like this new app called Pet Smile!

    PetSmile is a free multi-platform app that let users photograph and share their pet’s adventures with thousands of pet lovers via the PetSmile Network. With its sister app, PetCamera, users can decorate their photos with effects, frames, stamps and more.

    Pros: There is a menu to remind you to do tasks for your pet

    There are really cute photos, similar to Twitter

    It is easy to use and very interactive

    Cons: Most of the users are posting in Japanese (This app is from Japan)

    Some English typos like “sentense” instead of “sentence”

    PetSmile’s Cute Critter Contest being launched (contest dates are July 25-September 19th, 2012) ┬áby Japan’s leading internet service NEC BIGLOBE.

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