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    Doritos Guru

    This is a great example of why you will always lose by waiting. I seen this bag a few weeks ago in stores and thought of a great concept for it. But I snoozed so I lose? By the time I decided to go to DoritosGuru.ca (today) the contest submissions have already closed. Boo. But I will tell you my idea anyway. The prize is $25,000 and 1% of all the sales for a year. And bragging rights and probably a lot of Doritos X.

    But before I start this is my favorite out of the Top 5.

    I would name this the Dorito Piqué! (Spicy in spanish)
    I’m all about the word play!
    It opens with a person at a white board that says ‘Productivity Improvement and Quality Enhancement’ as an acronym.
    Then a group of Chinese teenagers messing around after drinking, laughing, goofing around someone trips and another person yells out PK! (In Cantonese swearing, means “pouk gai” which is tripping on a street)
    Then it cuts of a ballet studio where the class is doing piques (pick up pick up)
    Then it goes to a kid crunching the chip, saying Pique! and then the mom correcting him saying Picante!

    LOL… anyway. That’s what I would have done 🙂