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    New Year’s Eve Glam: It’s All in the Details

    New Year’s Eve is, no doubt, one of the most glam holidays on the calendar. It’s that special night when you kick it up a notch (or two, or three!). Glam doesn’t have to be from head to toe–sometimes it’s all in the details.

    Here are some ways you can add a little touch of glam to your look…


    For this look, I had just gotten a fresh dark maroon O.P.I. mani–but I couldn’t leave well enough alone! Well, that’s the point of glam, isn’t it??

    I happened to receive my Julep Maven box in the mail just as I returned home (more on that in a future post) and inside was tiny star glitter. Meanwhile, my dark gold glitter Bon Bons nail polish (more on that later, too) was beckoning to get in on the action.

    So, what I did was apply the Bon Bons ($.99) over my mani. On my ring fingers, I only put the Bon Bons half way up. Then, I sprinkled on the star glitter over the wet polish. I waited for it to dry a bit and covered the glitter in a clear coat.


    I love how the Bon Bons glitter polish has glitter of different sizes, creating depth. The way it looks over the maroon reminds me of this limited edition Chanel nail polish I was in love with back in the days, Ciel de Nuit (except, it had a dark blue base).


    The next look is more Christmas-inspired, but still appropriate throughout the remainder of the holidays.

    The colors are from Dr. Remedy’s line of enriched, natural nail polish. I did a funky French manicure using the Serene Silver Glitter ($14) on the tips over the amazing Revive Ruby Red ($17).




    Another way to up the glam factor is to give yourself some WOW lashes for the night. Faux lashes don’t always have to be of theatrical proportions. Kiss makes incredibly natural lashes ($3.99) that come with applicator strings on either side for easy application. They allow you to easily set the lashes in place and then pull away the strings.


    What I’ve learned about lash application is that the glue is almost more important than the lashes themselves. You need adhesive with immediate stick-power, that dries crystal clear. Kiss 24 Hour Flexible Hold Adhesive ($3.99) did the trick. I loved the easy applicator.

    Just enough so that even your boyfriend will give you that “there’s something different, but I can’t quite put my hand on it” look.


    Have any New Year’s even inspired looks to share? Let us know in the comments.


    xoxo, Olisa