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    Taking it Uptown: Art for Change

    On Friday I took the hike uptown to East Harlem for the Art for Change “Noche Clandestina.” Tucked away in an unassuming basement gallery, the night was full of art, spoken word, and a special burlesque performance by Brown Girl’s Burlesque.

    Art for Change encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art as a catalyst for disseminating information to people.

    Artists used various mediums to convey experiences, struggles and aspirations, inspiring people to consider, with a questioning eye, their ways of life, their environment, their roles, how various systems work, and ways to improve their lives and environment.

    For more event and gallery schedule: www.artforchange.org

    Beginning of the burlesque show

    Art for Change Executive Director: Harry Jean-Pierre

    kisses, Olisa