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    Ecologie Swedish Dishcloths help you make small changes with big impact

    No matter how hard you rock around the Christmas tree this season, know that slips and spills are no match for the super absorbent Swedish sponge cloth! Ever feel guilty using paper towel after paper towel? It sounds like you need Ecologie in your life! Reusable, compostable, and beautiful, the sponge cloths help consumers ditch single-use paper towels and sponges. Not only are they eco-friendly, they have joyful designs and color-forward prints that bring delight to every home. Authentically made in Sweden and screen-printed using non-toxic inks, each sponge cloth is made traditionally, using techniques developed in 1949. They are a must have in every kitchen!

    Cats Shaped Swedish Sponge Cloth Set of 3

    What is a Cats Shaped Swedish Sponge Cloth Set of 3?

    Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, these 100% natural and compostable cloths are an established must-have in Scandinavia. They can hold 15x their weight in water making them highly absorbent. Quick-drying, you’ll be amazed at how odor-free they are! Use in place of paper towels and plastic sponges.

    How to use the Cats Shaped Swedish Sponge Cloth Set of 3:

    Simply soak in water to soften and then use how you would a paper towel or regular sponge. Use to wipe counters, scrub dishes, clean appliances, wipe windows, polish surfaces and more!

    How to care for your Cats Shaped Swedish Sponge Cloth Set of 3:

    To clean, toss in the washing machine or place on the top rack of the dishwasher. Lay flat to dry. When your Swedish sponge cloth has reached the end of its lifecycle (9 months or even more!), toss in the compost. 

    Gone Fishin’ Swedish Sponge Cloth

     Handsome Hound Swedish Sponge Cloth

    Bring a little thoughtful beauty to your cleaning routine, fridge shelf, and lunch bag with Ecologie Swedish sponge cloths and beeswax wraps. Say goodbye to single-use paper and plastic, and hello to these reusable alternatives. Explore Ecologie collection and discover why sustainable living has never been so vibrant – or so fun!

    Ultra Absorbent Swedish Sponge Cloths