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    Kickstart this: @eggYolkR

    I love Kickstarter because it is full or amazing ideas! Check out the Yolkr – It’s an easy, efficient, mess-free way to separate the whites and the yolks.

    SAFE & LONG-LASTING: The Yolkr™ has been designed to food industry and consumer product standards. The materials are non-toxic and free of BPA, PVC and phthalate. Its hardwearing and designed to spend a lifetime in your kitchen.

    RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING: It will look the part on ANY bench top. We have also optimized size to easily fit in the draw!

    CLEANS THOROUGHLY & EASILY: The Yolkr™ is quick and easy to clean by hand. It can be simply broken into 2 parts. Of course, it’s dishwasher safe too. We have put it through hundreds of cycles to make sure it didn’t degrade or wear over time.

    PERFECT FOR ANY KITCHEN: Home or professional use it’s needed in every home; for the baker, cook, gym buff, diet conscious, etc. etc. The Yolkr™ was designed with both the occasional cook and seasoned chef in mind.

    So cute! Help Hamish make the Yolkr a real product on http://www.yolkr.com/

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    HCB #28: mmm egg sammich!

    “He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart”– C.S. Lewis he he 🙂

    I loved cheese and egg sandwiches as a little girl… I was feenin for one of these the other day so… I stepped things up a tiny bit 🙂
    mmm melted cheese… some chicken bacon, spinach, tomato, special sauce= GOODNESS!
    This one’s perfect for dinner, lunch or breakfast! I had it for dinner! The warm pita was soooo GOOD!
    Happy Cookin’ Lovelies!

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