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    Summer 2017 Beauty Hacks

    Today I want to introduce you two lovely products, Static Schmatic and EndureLash. I think now is a great time to introduce these summer 2017 beauty must-haves!

    Both beauty products are all-natural solutions to everyday problems.

    Static Schmatic is an organic, plant-based mist that functions as a useful and easy way to manage static electricity while leaving no scent or residue. As the ingredients are similar to what is found in makeup setting sprays – this is a great option as a cool mist around your face and hair!

    EndureLash is an eco-friendly eye makeup remover cloth, delicate on both natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions. While disposable wipes and cotton rounds pull at your eyelashes and just end up in the trash, this cloth is reusable and just requires warm water to work properly – eyelashes become longer and stronger after just one month of usage!

    These are each small, simple products that can be thrown in a tote bag for summer travels.

    Here are the links if you would love to check them out!

    Static Schmatic: https://staticschmatic.com/

    EndureLash: https://endurelash.com/