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    Get fit with @NadeenBoman

    I sat down with Nadeen Boman last week, and she gave me a few tips on how to stay fit during the winter months. Nadeen is also the spokesperson for Powerade Zero ION4, so she was able to give us all the juice, on why we should choose this beverage during and after working out.

    Powerade Zero ION4 has partnered with fitness guru Nadeen Boman to help Canadians get back in shape by spicing up their routines with some new exercises and developing a routine that helps them stick with their resolutions. You might know Nadeen from her work on the popular reality shows, and The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides.


    Thanks to Nadeen Boman for spending some time with us, and to the Powerade team for treating me to some delicious Powerade!!

    peace and love