Are you coming?

I’m so ready…

I pop my Intimate & Interactive cherry this Friday, and I’m so excited! Toronto is such an inspiring city to live, mostly because the talent in this city alone is crazy! This Friday, Intimate & Interactive and The Remix Project are giving us that goodness; featuring songstress Andreena Mill with artists Kyauna, Savannah Re, PG, and Courtney Taylor as the opening acts. Yes, it is time, and I can’t wait!

I’m hoping I can catch a quick interview with Andreena Mill, as well as the rest of the ladies, and you KNOW I’m gonna be taking lots of pictures!

When: THIS Friday

Where: Suba Nightclub, 292 College St

$15 BEFORE 11; $20 AFTER

I’ve spent the morning listening to all these ladies music, and THIS is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

The question is no longer, “are you coming?”. You MUST come.

More event and limited guestlist info here.

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Thanks to Tika for inviting us!

peace, love and health