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    36 hours in Frankfurt

    I had an eventful week!  On Monday night, I flew to Frankfurt to attend a beauty workshop for P&G and Wella for an international brainstorm.  Sali came from London, Donald came from Hong Kong and I came from New York to discuss various trends in hair, beauty in our local markets.

    It was a full day of beauty pow wows with STURM und DRANG, a German-based research institute and strategic consultancy!

    Here I am with the crew

    Yvonne Kai, NYC / Media Marketer & Beauty and Cosmetic Blogger / www.yvonnekai.com

    Donald Chiu, Hong Kong / Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Photographer / http://www.donaldchiu.com

    Sali Hughes, Brighton / Journalist, Writer and Beauty Columnist / www.salihughes.com

    Andrea Hecker, Munich / Stylist, Colorist / www.haarfaerberei.de

    Here are some cool things I saw while walking around the Zeil

    The Zeil is a a super duper mall with a glass swirl right through the middle

    Kanye was right! I found a lot of mayonnaise color benz… aka miracle whips! They are the TAXIS!

    I had a bratwurst

    I saw parts of the light festival with art installations (Luminale 2012)

    Til next time… Back in NY now and jet lag like a mug 🙁

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    Selena Gomez to Co-Host the 2011 MMVA’s

    “I am thrilled and honored to host the MuchMusic Video Awards” said Selena Gomez. “I look forward to seeing all my Canadian fans and kicking off the summer together.”

    And we are so excited to have her! She’s cute and talented & she clearly likes products of Ontario. lol.

    I’ve personally been a fan of Selena Gomez since her first season on Wizards of Waverly Place, I know a few little ones who love her too. But as time goes by, people grow, and Selena  has become this gorgeous woman. At age 18 she’s seen with our National heartthrob J. Bieber, A-listed with Hollywood’s best & focused on her solo recording career set to tour later this year. Starring in her 5th season of the popular Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place, we can catch her next on July 1st in the Fox feature film ‘Monte Carlo’, co-starring Leighton Meester & Katie Cassidy.

    Selena and previously announced performer… LADY GAGA are the only two official celebrity appearances announced by MuchMusic with more news to come in the weeks ahead. The city is warming up and the buzz of the 2011 MMVA’s is getting louder!!! Follow the countdown to the MMVA’s on muchmusic.com or on twitter @muchmusic. Receive announcements on performers, presenters, celebrity guests and chances to win big prizes.

    Shout out to the official sponsors of the 2011 MMVA’s:  Coca-Cola Canada, Get a Load of Milk™, Playtex® Sport®, Procter & Gamble, RIM, Rolo®, STRIDE, Virgin Mobile Canada™, and H&M, designer of the official MMVAs wristband

    I’m so excited for the show! xo

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    Angels in T.O

    Just press play, sit back, and enjoy. This is one of those videos you wanna watch over and over again. Big shout out to Andreena Mill, Kyauna Clarke, PG, Savannah Re, and Courtney Taylor; wishing you all the best in all your musical endeavours.

    peace, love and health


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    Music eh! Don’t touch the dial!

    I know it’s been a minute, since I did a music eh post, but a bish’s schedule has been hectic. What better way to dive back into the wonderful world of music, than by treating our ears to some of that good good from the lovely PG. You already know how I feel about this miss right here! I friggin’ love her, and she’s giving us more of that GOOD music!

    peace, love and health


    ps: Her album “The Elements of PG” drops at the end of this month… Gotta HAVE IT. Make sure you visit her website, and show her some L-O-V-E.

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    Music Eh! – PG Musiq

    Check out her video for Lady with Kyauna Clarke I love them both….

    PG was first introduced to me via the intimate and interative that Bella and I attended back in March. Since then, I have been trying to download everyone’s mixtape- especially this little pint size woman. PG is a bad chick, literally. She can rap like Nicki Minaj and sing like Alicia Keys. The girl is off the hook. (lol, and I don’t say that often).

    Visit her WEBSITE

    Follow Her @pgmusiq

    Add her on Facebook

    xo, Tanya

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    Music eh! So Intimate & Interactive

    Tanya and I had the pleasure of attending Friday night’s Intimate Interactive with The Remix Project, featuring Andreena Mill, and the Remix Project’s; Kyauna Clarke, PG, Savannah Re, and Courtney Taylor, at Suba Lounge. I expected singing, but these ladies were SANGING! I had chills and goosebumps throughout all the performances; it was crazy. There was so much energy in all the performances, and the crowd showed so much love and support; i’m honoured to have experienced all that L-O-V-E. It was truly, Intimate & Interactive.

    Miss Andreena Mill- I’d never seen her perform, and I had no idea what a treat I was in for. She’s fantastic. Real talk. She’s gorgeous and have you seen those legs? OW! She has an amazing voice, and so much ENERGY when she performs. There’s no diva nonsense going on here, but there is some SERIOUS…SERIOUS talent. I love, love, loved, that she smiled throughout her entire performance. She sang, smiled, danced, and interacted with the crowd; giving us an excellent performance overall. 8 songs baby. Yeah I know, I’d be sad I missed it too. HA!

    Oh Kyauna… *heart* you- she seemed cool and calm, and has a soothing and very pretty voice to match! You know when you get that tingly feeling in your chest when you hear certain songs? when you’re really feeling the music? her voice does that…well for me anyway 🙂 When her performance was over I was fighting the urge to start chanting, “one more song!” out-loud with my fist in the air. What can I say, I could hear her sing all day.

    To be honest, I fell in love with PG while I was checking out her music last week. She sings, she raps, she’s petite with a GINORMOUS presence. I was so excited to see her perform and everything was just perfect. *ahem* Gotta start working on these vocals so we can do a song! ha ha ha. But for real. She’s dope. I could really go on and on, but then you guys might start thinking I’m obsessed and ish… *grins*

    Savannah Re. What can I say. I don’t even know. Someone said to me that they’d heard her sing before and that she had a beautiful voice, but I had to hear it for myself. She gave more than just a beautiful voice, there was soul, and there was passion; I have to admit that I definitely wasn’t expecting it, and was totally blown away. I think my mouth was hanging open at some point… Goosebumps galore, that feel good music for real.

    Oh man, Courtney Taylor… WATCH OUT for this girl! Seriously. She’s only 17, writes her own music, and plays the guitar…don’t get me started on that sweet, comforting, grab-you-by-the-heartstrings melody that is her voice. Please, don’t get me started lol. I’d be a proud momma if this was my youngin’.

    She just oozes with talent this woman

    Saukrates came out. They performed “You and Tomorrow” and  killed the stage. Straight murked it. Well done lady and gent 🙂

    “On the floor, through the roof, I’m standing here with you… you my home, you my club, you my office”– Saukrates

    “I’m feeling for what’s about to follow-oh, I got you and tomorrow”– Andreena Mill *now playing* You and Tomorrow. you can download it here

    Andreena premiered her new video for , directed by and we all loved it. Tika looked delish huh? I know, and she was an awesome host too.

    All in all, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great night. It was cold outside, but it was definitely worth the trip to come out and see all these artists perform. I applaud everyone that came out and showed support for our local talent, Toronto’s got mad LOVE for their city.

    Thank you so much to Tika Simone and The Remix Project for treating us to this one of a kind experience.

    peace, love and health