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    A Natural Home, Made Easy With Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

    One of the beautiful things about essential oils is that each bottle is slightly different, because every plant and harvest is different. Simply Earth preserve these unique qualities by professionally packaging their oils in amber glass bottles. This not only guards their oils freshness and natural benefits but also protects against damaging UV rays. Simply Earth is so confident in their oils abilities to safeguard your home they offer a 365 day satisfaction guarantee.

    With the safety of your home in mind, Simply Earth is meticulous about every step of their process. To make sure each plant reaches its potential, Simply Earth carefully and ethically chooses a region where it will thrive. Then they work with their farmers. When plants have reached maturity, they are harvested safely and fairly. From there Simply Earth collects their natural essential oils through either cold-pressing or steam-distillation. Every batch is then tested to ensure 100% purity.

    From displaying quality testing for oils in the form of GC/MS reports for all Simply Earth’s oils right on the product page to visiting their vetiver farm in Haiti, they are working on creating the standards for what it means to have high quality oils. All this is backed with Simply Earth’s 365 day Simply Earth Guarantee.

    Make your home natural

    Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

    with Simply Earth essential recipe box.

    It includes 4 Essential Oils | Natural Ingredients | + Fun Extras

    $150 value for only $39/month

    Each month you get all the ingredients, containers and extras you need to make 6 natural recipes… delivered right to your doorstep.

    How it works?


    Our aromatherapy team designs the perfect recipes.


    Pure Oils. Honest Prices. Delivered Right To Your Door.


    Discover how fun and easy it is to make your home all natural.

    With Simply Earth, you can enjoy making incredible handmade products with your friends and family. You can be in control of your natural home.

    • All of the good stuff.
    • None of the bad stuff.
    • Tested 100% Pure.

    About Lulu’s box:

    So happy to start my Simply Earth journey,
    for the first box I received,
    it includes

    Lavender Essential Oil (40/42)

    One of the most well-known and commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy, Lavender boasts a wide array of benefits including promoting healthier skin and hair, supporting the immune system, and aiding in sleep.


    • Calms
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Relieves sore Muscles
    • Relaxes
    • Boosts immunity

    Fir Needle Essential Oil

    Fir needles are believed by some to have the power to purify the air and the soul because of their disinfecting and calming properties. The burning of fir needles after childbirth was a common practice in the past, believed to impart good health for the mother and newborn. The pitch of the tree was also used to treat problems like menstrual irregularities.


    • Supports respiration
    • Combats seasonal illness and pollen threats
    • Fights fatigue

    Tangerine Essential Oil

    Tangerine’s fresh citrusy smell can have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect, while at the same time providing support to the immune system and soothing a queasy stomach.


    • Refreshes and rejuvenates
    • Clears the mind
    • Reduces nervous tension
    • Supports the immune system
    • Quells queasy stomach

    Sleepy Essential Oil Blend

    Sleepy Essential Oil Blend was created to help to relax your mind and body before sleep. Being fully relaxed can lead to a better quality sleep.


    • Relaxes
    • Calms

    I absolutely love the box! The oils have great qualities and they work so well for their better-living functions. The price for 4 bottles of oil plus a secret ingredient for recipes, it is an amazing deal.

    Not only for yourself, sending a box to your mom or friends can be also a great gift. Let us get started! For a natural healthier and happier life. Click here to know more about it. Using the code – HEYDOYOUFREE. When you subscribe for the first time using our code, you will receive a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. You can use the $40 gift card on your future purchase or next box. Our code is not a discount but an additional incentive intended for first time subscribers.