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    (T.O.) catching up…

    I haven’t been on here for a hot little minute, but that’s because I don’t want to kill you guys with lengthy stories of studying, school, work, exams blah blah bla; who wants to hear that?!

    ha ha ha

    But that’s what I’ve been doing. Most days I don’t even know what day it is lol. In fact, I only ever know what day it is when it gets to Sunday as that’s the only day I’m home for majority of the day. Then when I’m home I can’t stop thinking about the mountain of video footage I have to go through, and the other million things I have to do… this brings me to exams. Some of us have already started writing exams, and some of us are about to start. For my people that are working as well as writing exams, and don’t know how you manage it all; be proud that YOU do indeed manage it all. I just wanted to say good luck to you all during this exam season, you’re all gonna do great!
    peace and love
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