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    Happy Birthday Michelle!

    It’s my sister’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Michelle!

    She’s been holding me down since day 1

    A lot of you don’t know but I rep the Tropic of Cancer and my sister reps the Tropic of Capricorn. Haha.  She is jetset and has traveled to London, Scotland, Chicago, Paris, Oxford, Madrid, Leicester, Washington, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary in the last 3 years. OMG.

    She is a kick ass and very serious criminal lawyer in Edmonton. She has always taken care of me and everyone around her… 

    Relentlessly pursuing her academic then career path – she went to McMaster for Psych x Math then to Royal Military College for MA in War History and then Windsor U for Law. She really inspires me and is a no holds bar kinda girl.

    And she is a pilot and an office in for the Air Cadets. Michelle is the 2nd from the left with the badass stance. She even as a Military ID. O_O

    I love her because she always taught me to dream with my eyes open, always know what’s right and wrong and the value of being ritualistic. I hope you like your birthday present I sent you… I wish you a very happy 28th and I will see you in LA… in 2 weeks! xoxo

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    A Very Merry Christmas

    Hey guys! Hope everyone’s Christmas was AWESOME, mine was insane! Bobbing from house to house and city to city made for a very hectic Holiday… but NO complaints at all! My Mum, Step-dad and two little sisters came to visit from England which MADE my Christmas complete… the fam and I watched The Sound of Music pantomime (theatre play) at The Princess of Wales theatre, went shopping in Buffalo, had several birthday parties… etc, etc, etc. Needless to say… it was busy! With this said, I was suchhhh a lucky girl this year… guess Santa knew how good I’ve been ;)… here are some of my goodies, hope everyone’s Christmas was as good as mine! xoxo

    Mummy got my Topshop UK Sequined leggings

    Soooo excited for this tunic

    Can never have too many pairs of tights

    My last one broke… hence the curly hair I’ve been rockin’ lately lolstill haven’t taken these off

    Yep I really DID ask for this! A girls gotta eat!!! He lit up my wrist too!

    Cutie Booties


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    I am going to watch this movie I know nothing about except that everyone who has seen it says it’s totally awesome!  I went to see it with my whole family…

    **I just got back. WOW!** believe in the hype! its a love story, its an epic tale and its mostly tryna tell you about the state of things. I think i AM an Avatar!  cosign!

    Go see it in 3D!

    See… Word of mouth works! Ill let you know what I think about it in a few hours! Merry Christmas!

    I wore my @limecrime Great Pink Planet Lipstick
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    Phoenix Food Boutique

    My cousin Ricky is visiting me in LA! He said, wow – you are such a pig, you get sooo excited talking about food. And… He is right 🙂 I am so passionate about food, nevermind the calories – what about how it makes you feel! Actually, I am like that about a lot of the things in my life now that I think about it.

    When I first came to LA in June, my cousin Nancy who went to USC took me and my mom to this delicious restaurant called Phoenix in San Gabriel Valley – about 20 mins east of downtown LA. Oooo we had the full dinner for 4 and loved every bit of it. It was so nice to be in the familiar environment of a Chinese restaurant so many miles away from home – with waiters to spoke to us in Cantonese and a menu full of food I ate all my life, as a child and have so many memories attached to them. And… then there was new things I never tried but now I love!

    Last night, I actually found the restaurant again by chance! It’s so yummy. We had duck egg congee, soy sauce chow mein and fried shrimp with candied walnuts. OMG can I please tell you about the shrimp! Delish… Chinese ppl love to eat late, like 10, 11pm it’s called 宵夜 (xiao ye) which means ‘Late Night Snack’. And we strolled in about quarter past ten ^_^

    I don’t usually photograph my food but…

    I BBMed these to my sweetie and he was up late in Toronto fiending for Chinese food and me 🙂

    and then for dessert! I got these to take home. What are they called… ummm Bouut Tsai Go in Chinese.. what in English i don’t know, sugar pudding? Dunno.. it’s divine.

    PS there mochi selection is unreal! There desserts are heavenly!
    You might wanna check it out: PhoenixFoodBoutique.com

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    Happy Father’s Day (circa 2001)

    “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

    HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever & connected. Follow this blog!
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    Weird Family

    If you think your family is weird, be assured that there is always someone more weird than you.

    Daughter is gonna be in therapy for a long time.