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    Are you CUTE enough?

    HARAJUKU LOVERS FRAGRANCE new Summer “Sunshine Cuties” Collection has arrived…

    sunshine cutie (suhn-shahyn) (kyoo-tee) n.1. A super cute, sun-loving, beach-bumming doll who would never compromise on fashion for a day at the beach.

    Harajuku Lovers Fragrance: N.1. A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness

    Love, Lil’ Angel, G, Music and Baby back… looking amazing, smelling incredible and bringing the sun. The most fashionably, floral, fragrant girls are at it again; this time dressed to impress for a day at the beach.

    The Fragrance Foundation 2009 award winners for ‘Fragrance of the Year’ and ‘Best Packaging’ delivers a different fragrance for a different mood and a different mode… a new personality for each new day.

    For day to day, Love is my favorite fruity floral, but depending on my mood… Lil’ Angel is a citrus gourmand, Music is a sensuous floral, Baby is a dewy floral and G is a creamy musk; each one goes with me.

    These fragrances satisfy your craving for cuteness!

    Purchase the limited edition collection for $32.00/ 10mL across Canada now at drug stores, Sears and Sephora.

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    Beauty Contact + Cadillac GMC= Fragrance?

    “Cadillac- The New Fragrance for Men” is part of Cadillacs recent renaissace: hot new products and redesigns that capture the Cadillac mantra of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit!”- Alwyn Stephen: Beauty Contact Inc. “The Cadillac brand represents a lifestyle of prestige, style, and luxury…”

    “Time and again over the years, Cadillac has led the industry with many first-time innovations, and has also come to be synonymous with quality, prestige, style, and luxury. Cadillac launches a captivating, new fragrance for men encapsulating those fine qualities of the brand. “

    I am so excited about this Thursday!! Why you ask? Well I will be attending the private launch event to celebrate the Canadian debut of Cadillac GMC’s new fragrance for men.
    A Dubai-based cosmetic company, called Beauty Contact Inc. is the holder of the fragrance license, and has said they will launch the Cadillac line in stores this fall to mark the 100th Anniversary of Cadillac with General Motors.
    So I know you’re probably thinking it probably has that “brand new car” smell, or that overpowering cheap “masculine” smell. But this fragrance is said to be bold and sporty, yet remains luxurious and refined. It has a stylish black packaging that opens up to reveal a translucent glass bottle topped with a sleek metal cap.

    “…the symbolic brand has distilled its relaxed and inclusive style into fragrance form…”

    Plus take a look at the people behind the fragrance!

    Parisian perfumer Constance Georges-Picot is the genius behind the extracts present in this fragrance. For a masculine, rich, and long lasting fragrance: top notes of grapefruit and chamomile are added to give off a fresh scent. Followed by an elegant blend of geranium, tarragon, and cinnamon, with bottom notes of ebony, sweet spice, and vetiver. Mmmm it sounds yummy! This fragrance is said to represent the intelligence and suave sophistication of the iconic North American man… but the way I see it any man that’s intelligent, suave and sophisticated can rock it too!

    Jean Smart complimented the bottle design and Pierre Eisenecker is responsible for the sleek package design of this fragrance. The Paris based Frenchman has a passion for beautiful cars, so I guess it’s only fitting that he designed the sleek packaging. He worked in the Perfume Industry for over 10 years. Some of his former works include Lolita Lempicka and Dior. He specializes in modern lavish design with a special focus on luxury! Sounds like a must have! Christmas is right around the corner… *wink wink* get it for you man! or your dad…

    “Neither Porsche nor BMW nor any other transportation brand that has tried this silliness has been very successful.” Ouch! There have been positive and negative responses to the launch of this fragrance, but it sounds like they got it right! I’ll let you know on Friday!!

    The line includes a spray, aftershave lotion, deodorant stick, hair and body wash, as well as gift sets!
    Look out for my post-launch event pics!


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    diesel ONLY THE BRAVE

    POWER, VICTORY, SELF-AFFIRMATION… These are the labels tagged to the delicious new fragrance for men by Diesel. Diesel is rebranding itself through ‘Only The Brave’ changing what society has named it and re-introducing itself as a contemporary mix of pop and street culture with the solid symbol of a clenched fist! Thursday was the cocktail launch at Younge & Dundas Square and I was among the very few lucky enough to get an intimate acquainting!

    Classic Hostesses
    The guys of Degrassi

    Me with Much Music VJ Devon Soltendieck

    super cute guests

    The yummiest h’ordeurves

    HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever & connected. Follow this blog!
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    I smell cuter than u!

    Thanks Matchstick for the amazing HL kit! Bursting with samples, vials and cuteness! 2 bags and a charm bracelet, 5 fragrances and 1 LilANGEL… and tons of samples! Woo wee!

    Oh yes, look what a great match, me and lil angel are a match made in harajuku.

    If you are looking for a new fragrance to rock you world, is the perfume equivalent to glossy pink lips and fake eyelashes… HARAJUKU LOVERS just hit stores and we have a hook up just for you –> you can’t really smell cuter than me but if you want to smell cute like me ~ get your free samples here! ^_^