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    Fido’s Cookies

    Looking for something delicious for your furry friend?

    Try Fido’s Cookies! They are fresh and all natural from Denver, CO and come in beautiful gift sets.

    The cookies will have your tail wagging and the Christmas tin is reusable.

    Remember, your friends who have dogs treat them as if they are a part of the family – So you will definitely win extra points by remembering one extra gift for the little one!

    Looking for something to do all winter long when it’s way too cold to play outside? You can bake your very own fresh cookies for your pooch. I love this! I bet there will be a lot of spoon licking

    Jacob recently received the Christmas Cookies and he was over the moon!  As soon the package arrived, his eyes got really big and his tail was wagging at turbo speed.  The little pink tongue was ready to taste these treats!

    So we had to open them!  These are one of the best presents you can get for your dog or your friend’s dog this Christmas!  The cookies are delicious and the tin is reusable to keep all your treats, toys, and knick knacks!

    Nom Nom Nom

    We would rate Fido’s Cookies 4 out of 5 bones!

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