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    Air Canada vs. Jacob

    I flew my dog from LAX to YYZ yesterday on AIR CANADA and I hope this never happens to anyone else. Don’t forget I had to pay $150 to fly my pet. When I got to the counter they told me that it’s summer embargo (it’s not) and after me explaining the procedure to them, they THEN processed the reservations for him.

    This was my dog on Friday at Long Beach
    This is my dog getting on LAX on the Air Canada flight.

    They then got me off the plane and said the kennel opened and my dog is running on the runway where the planes are and I have to help them find him. (!!!!!) and we do find him and of course had to wait for a flight 5 hours later. They upgrade my seat and put plastic cable ties onto the doors of the kennel to secure it. (I notice that one of the metal locking rods were bent and said something) They told me to repair it and send them the receipt to be reimbursed. and they put 6 cable ties around the edges of the cage. We fly to Toronto. They tell me he will be priority baggage (in cargo) and will come out first before baggage. I get there and ask where can I find my dog? They said there is a problem, he is running loose and we have to find him.
    The front of his cage is totally broken (the bent rod was BENT to a U shape and broken OFF) and there were only 2 plastic TIES and my dogs face was bleeding????

    ARE YOU effing kidding me?????

    broken kennel

    Of course Air Canada in YYZ is saying its the fault of LAX. but this is absolutely unacceptable and i had flown before with American Airlines and had NO PROBLEMS. This is really an unfortunate incident and I am going to file a formal complaint to Air Canada tomorrow.

    Any ADVICE???