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    Vapur Foldable Water Bottles

    “Every year, 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally.  Unfortunately, only about 12% of these will be recycled, leaving 176 billion plastic bottles to be dumped in landfills or left to float in the ocean.” –from Vapur’s website

    Many people have already started doing their part to minimize needless waste by drinking tap water or using a water purification system and drinking from reusable containers.  One of the most popular on-the-go water containers is the stainless steel bottle, which unfortunately can be rather bulky!

    Vapur has come up with an eco-friendly, practical solution, which it calls “the Anti-Bottle.”  It’s a foldable, reusable, freezable, washable personal water container.  It’s super convenient, with extras like a carabiner to hook it wherever you’d like and a space on the bottom for writing your name.  When you’re done, simply put it in the dishwasher, let air dry and fold it up.

    They come in two sizes, .4L ($15.99 for 2) and .5L ($9.99 each), with a variety of designs.


    Bonus: Vapur participates in the 1% For The Planet program, which donates a portion of all Vapur sales to water-related causes.

    Are your water consumption habits eco-friendly?  If so, leave us a comment about doing your part to help the environment.

    To get your own Vapur bottle or learn more about the company, visit: vapur.us.

    kisses, Olisa