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    Twitter Stickers

    For those of you who think Twitter is a fading fad, try again. It is here to STICK. I really understood the power of Twitter after reading Tribes by Seth Godin. 90% of the world like to follow. They want to follow a capable leader – they trust that leader and quite frankly, they want to know that following that leader will get them to the right way. This happens with birds migrating south, dogs that hunt in packs and drunk posse’s on Saturdays looking for the best party to attend.

    To add to the Twitter hooplah, entrepreneurs are not playing around. You can now buy Twitter Stickers to get you more followers in the real world. Wow. That’s all I gotta say about that. They are 30 stickers for about $15+ s/h. Would you buy it?

    Buy yours at www.stickytwits.com

    or www.tweetstickers.com

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