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    Go Further with @Ford 2013

    This year marks the 3rd annual Ford Trend conference for me!

    The Westin at the airport was just lovely! The staff were extra friendly and the rooms were gorgeous.
    150 journalist and lifestyle bloggers were invited to attend 3 days of intense seminars and workshops and of course test driving cars.

    To demonstrate the rear view cameras, this little Ford Fiesta backs up and scores the giant soccer ball!

    Even though the Fiesta seems small, it has incredible power, control and can go pretty fast!

    A lot of options to drive greener.

    Need a quick recharge anyone?

    Tai giving me a refill hehehehe

    Tony and Tai drove on the tracks…

    We drove F-150’s to deliver supplies to a Greening of Detroit park. It was awesome!

    Leaura and I munching on desserts

    Yum yum

    Got to try the new Google Glass

    Celebrating 50 years of Mustang!

    It was all really fun and I learned a ton from Seth Godin. See you all next year!

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    4 Weeks til the Further with @Ford Trend Conference

    June is by far the best month of the year!  The best weather, the best events and mine and Jacob’s birthday.   With the Further with Ford conference in just 4 weeks – I am so excited to hear what is going on with Ford. Their think-tank in Michigan always blows me away and I am definitely looking forward to hearing Sheryl Connelly speak again.

    go further with ford

    Despite he Ford recall of nearly 500K vehicles in the news today, I am so happy that I will be involved with this environmental, ethical and socially responsible company. They really go beyond creating cars and will always do their best for their consumers and world we are in.  Really looking forward to the third-annual Further with Ford conference! We will get the opportunity to explore major global trends and issues expected to shape the future for consumers, brands, technologies and institutions.  Expert futurists, trend spotters and leaders from game-changing businesses, as well as Ford designers and scientists gather to uncover insights and explore key trends for the future of technology, design, health and wellness, and more.

    It is an intense 3 days with back to back seminars, meeting a ton of people and test driving cars.  Here are some pics from last year:

    Ari from StyleCaster, Gretchen from Herman Miller, Desigenr Christian Siriano, Artist Adam Kalkin — at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters.

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    Go Further with @Ford 2012: Trend Conference

    I spent this week at Ford HQ at Dearborn, Michigan to see all the new things happening at Ford.

    With a star studded panel and lots of interesting topics – Ford is really cutting edge in design, concept and leading the auto industry into the brave new world with technology that we only dream of! Like the workshop I went to last month in Geneva, there was a visual recorder who drew exactly what we were talking about.

    Ford invited over 250 car journalists, lifestyle bloggers, mommy bloggers, gadget and tech bloggers to spend 3 days in Michigan to get a sneak peek at all the exciting things FORD is doing in 2014 and beyond. I was one of the lucky ones to attend this year’s Ford Go Further Conference. I had a blast last year at the Forward with Ford in 2011.


    We had dinner at the Ford Stadium and check out the field of the Detroit Lions. That astro-turf was deep and soft.

    Ford and ZipCar partnered up to make sure over 200 university campus nationwide now have car-sharing available.

    Trend #5 is DIY. We spent an evening at Techshop – the dream workshop shared space for anyone who wants to create anything. We made sandblasted glass mugs, custom pewter jewelry, silk screening and high-pressured waterjet demo. The CEO of TechShop Mark Hatch said they are opening one in Brooklyn at Jay Street Metrotech soon. Can’t wait to go laser cut and make 3D stuff.

    I will post more about Trend 1, 2, 3, 4 in upcoming posts!  Thanks FORD for an amazing time!

    Test driving the VA VA VOOM of the incredible Mustang