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    Love dogs? You’ll love this can!

    What better way to show your love for dogs that by drinking from a can…with an adorable Frenchie front and center? Consumers LOVE this design, but love what’s inside even more.

    Here I want to introduce you to Frenchie Premium Hydration. Sticking to health and fitness goals while staying hydrated tastes better than ever!

    Frenchie is a citrus flavored lightly sparkling premium hydration drink! It contains optimal amounts of potassium, glucose and sodium to ensure maximum rapid hydration.

    While the brand’s name and design was inspired by the founder’s two beloved pets, the Frenchie formula is based on the current WHO guidelines for an Oral Rehydration Solution. The isotonic drink has the optimal ratio of ingredients to ensure maximum rapid osmotic pull of electrolytes into their cells. Thanks to this clinical formula, Frenchie not only maximizes your rate of rehydration, but also allows you to make the most of the water you consume.

    During a time when water and other hydration drinks are flying off shelves inside shoes, Frenchie is available on Amazon.

    Frenchie benefits at a glance

    • 2 grams of sugar per can
    • Helps you stay hydrated
    • Helps athletes refuel and rehydrate
    • Helps regulate the body’s fluid balance while carbs provide energy
    • Maintains the balance of muscle functioning

    • HYDRATION DRINK: Each can of Frenchie is packed with Potassium and Electrolytes to ensure maximum hydration for athletes.
    • REGULATE the body’s balance of fluids with no crash
    • STRENGTHEN: Improves and maintains muscle functioning, allowing for quicker recovery and improved performance.
    • LOW CALORIE AND LOW SUGAR: Each can contains only 15 calories and 2g of sugar.
    • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS: Natural citrus flavor provides the great taste that every athlete and health-conscious individual deserves.

    More About Frenchie

    The Chicago-based company prides itself on delivering a unique flavor without sacrificing health benefits. This all-natural premium hydration drink is low in sugar, calories and without preservatives.