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    Eye See

    A few months ago, I was randomly surfing for japanese fashion and korean trends and i discovered the CIRCLE LENS. Asian celebs have been wearing them for ages… and being in Canada, makeup tips for Angelina and Jessica Alba doesnt really apply to me!They are a few brands and even horror stories circulating like girls going blind from wearing the wrong ones. My goodness – so controversial, i had to get in on that! After some research, i tracked down FreshKon’s Alluring Eyes. They are sold in more than 65 countries worldwide, FreshKon is the number one selling cosmetic lens in Asia. They are wicked cool 🙂 yay! or should i put 8) instead.

    Basically they are black contact lens that give you the appearance of enlarged pupils. supercute if you ask me! Since i wear contact lenses everyday anyway i decided to get me a pair. PS: I purchased the acuvue Define (same thing) from a UKcontact lens site, that charged me $70 and sent me nothing and never replied to my emails, SCAM.

    So if you want to get them, ask your local optical shop – i got mine from Dragon Centre in Chinatown.

    Do you love it or hate it?