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    Video ♥: HeyDoYou x Fall Home Show 2010

    Some video love for your viewing pleasure my lovelies!
    I had such a fun time at the Fall Home Show, and I have a funny feeling I didn’t even get all the goodness that was there. Thank you so much to GCI Canada, as well as all the exhibitors that let me film them and their products.
    Toronto Debut of Decor(k)

    Fall Home Show pt 2

    Fall Home Show pt 3

    Fall Home Show pt 4

    I can’t wait till spring for the next Home Show!! Woot woot!
    peace and blessings,
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    Farewell Home Show!!

    Yes, sadly it’s over but… I have lots of pics and videos to share with you guys, so we can re-live the experience together! Yay!

    awesome light switch plates by Vintage Love
    I had LOTS of fun, ogling at all the amazing stuff for homes, eating AMAZING sweet and savory short bread – I believe there were 12 kinds… oh yeah, sitting in on the stage shows, AND I even got to meet and chat with the goddess of Mastering Your Condo space, Carmen Dragomir!!
    No need to get him to fix stuff, cause now you can do it all by yourself, and look CUTE while doing it! Tomboy Tools all the way!!
    I MUST HAVE this kitchen… I need to hurry up and get rich! LOL

    Thank you again to GCI Group, I had so much fun!
    For those of you that missed the show, I got a video and more pics coming shortly!
    peace and blessings,
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Fall Home Show: teeny tiny sneak peak!

    I can’t wait to go and explore this section properly tomorrow!!
    Oh-em-gee the Universal stone… it’s simply AMAZING! Got a wicked video for you guys!
    Shout outs to Jogi for being so awesome!
    Wanna change your bathroom? The Fall Home Show’s got you 🙂
    Cork flooring… I don’t even know where to start… all i know is I GOTTA HAVE IT!
    I have SO MANY pictures and even more video! I’ll be putting them all up shortly. For those of you that can’t wait and wanna see more, I’ll be tweeting LIVE from the show tomorrow so come join me! @thisBella_HDY. Omg I got to hear some tips and tricks from Carmen Dragomir, it’s ridiculous how excited I was to see her! lol
    peace and blessings,

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Wii 2

    My grandma loves playing Wii! And now that I am home for Christmas, I want to get a Wii 2 of my very own…
    Here is my whole family on Wii (:

    im the super tanned little one in the middle hehehe
    Wii 2 Wii 2 Me too!
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    Dream House

    I absolutely love this ad. A fun house, a fun life, basically what I am all about. It gets hard sometimes when you are no longer a kid but not yet an adult. There are always a lot of expectation, a lot of waiting and learning how to be patient. Patience is knowing that the best is yet to come and not everything has to happen now. Waiting is something I have never been good at and I have been doing small exercises to help myself understand patience. For example, when I am shopping and waiting to pay – my instincts are to go to the shortest line and look out for the cashier who is just opening up. I shimmy my way over there and pay as soon as possible. The new exercise involved going to a mid size line and waiting patiently. Crazy huh? That is just a small example. In the grand scheme of things, I understand my impatience stems from fear. I am afraid of wasting time, I am afraid of running out of time, I am afraid of being late, being irrelevant and what else? Impatience = belief that time is running out. My mom always says, the time you have on earth has already been allotted. What you have, how much you receive and what your life will be is predestined. She has told me that constantly since I was young. I believe in human agency but I also believe in mistakes. I believe carelessness and rushing causes you more wasted time in the long run. I think being organized is the key of being successful and living an artful, meaningful life will make you happier at the end. I want my dream house, but I don’t want a house if that means it will cost me my dream. Ya dig?

    Live your dream, whatever that may be. Have you seen UP?

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