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    Wellies in my purse!!

    So this summer’s been straight @%!#!!!, I mean it’s been a really crappy summer. First we have the ever-changing weather, then of course summer’s latest accessory: RAIN.

    On days when I wanna wear my cute fuscia metallic patent Fornarina pumps and have to settle for my black wellies because of this damn rain I wanna curse Canada. Not that you can’t still look cute in wellies but sometimes a girls just wants to wear cute pink pumps! Anyway for those of you who are tired of squishy wet feet because you got caught in a downpour on one of thee sunniest days! or those of you flip flop lovers that are TIRED of strategically jumping over puddles wishing you had wellies; Your prayers have been answered… our prayers have been answered!

    They’re wellies. They’re cute. And I can fold em up and put em in my purse? So I don’t have to ruin my shoes (my pumps in particular) when the rain decides to grace us with it’s presence!? Sold.

    “Consider Amaort boots an investment piece, as they are perfect for each season – Cool rain in the fall, slush puddles in the winter (team them up with our boot socks), spring rain showers and summer thunderstorms”

    Amaort wellies are foldable, compact, stylish and will ensure that you stay dry for this summer. “…designed and produced with fine attention to detail that epitomizes the Japanese sensibility.” These boots work with skinny jeans, or a cute little summer dress, and can be worn up or scrunched down. Functional and Stylish! Loving it!
    With Toronto heading towards breaking another record for the wettest summer in years, I think every one should invest in a pair! Infact go to Getoutside Shoes right now and get yourself a pair!
    Fun fact: Amaort wellies are named after the sound of falling rain!