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    Valentino: The Last Emperor

    Valentino is the last couturier. He’s the real thing.

    To finish LG Fashion Week in style, I went to the Valentino documentary screening with XtraGood and MissBoss. This film truly was breath taking, visually inspirational and tells a story that would tug at any true fashion lover’s heartstrings.

    The critically-acclaimed VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR has captured the hearts and minds of audiences at film festivals around the world. It stars the legendary designer Valentino and his longtime business and life partner Giancarlo Giammetti, who together built a fashion empire like no other. An intimate, unprecedented and very funny exploration of the singular world of two of Italy’s richest and most famous men, VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR joins them behind the curtain as they confront the final act of a nearly 50-year reign at the top of the glamorous and fiercely competitive world of fashion.

    45 years of an incredible career of a true visionary. He studied couture of the 20’s, created the most epic pieces in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and a legend in the 90’s. Valentino can never be the same without Valentino. The oldest and most legendary fashion house. Here is part of my favorite dialogue:

    V: Chéri, please, a bomb is going to explode here. Look at my hand shaking!
    G: I’ve been working for 40 hours straight.
    V: I don’t give a damn. I’m working 40 hours in Paris, too.
    V: I’m infuriated…
    G: You have the camera behind you”
    V: I don’t care. That camera… if it keeps on screwing around, I’m out of the film.
    G: Which camera?
    V: That camera there.”
    G: This is why you called me?
    V: No, I called you because…during the collection, they can’t follow whomever. They have to follow me!
    G: Who are “they”?
    V: Everyone!

    Other amazing quotes from this movie that went bam bam bam straight into my heart:
    Well, the thing is you can’t work a bit, can you? You either have to do it or not do it.

    Valentino worked for 50 years straight on building his dream fashion house never taking more than 3-4 days off.

    Valentino doesn’t care. Valentino does what he wants. Valentino is Valentino.

    Apres moi le déluge.

    Screening info:
    NEW YORK………….March 18-31 at The Film Forum

    CHICAGO…..March 27-April 9 at Landmark Century

    SAN FRANCISCO…April 3-16 at Opera Plaza Cinema

    LOS ANGELES……….April 3-16 at Laemmle Sunset 5

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